I am taking philosophy this semester for a selfish reason. I am using it as a tool to finish my book. Taking the class as an honors class means I have to do a project. I picked my book for the project. My teacher is in accord with that so all should go according to plan. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Shoot…..

Philosophy is really interesting so far. We were not five minutes into the class before the teacher was off on a gay tangent. He assured us he was not promoting or endorsing that way of life, but he certainly talked a lot about it. I wonder why it is that whenever anybody talks about being open-minded or broadening their horizons, that particular topic is the one they go to. What about being open-minded about trying new food? Or maybe painting your walls red or purple? Why does it seem that the only way to be open-minded and culturally accepting to others is if you support gay rights? I disagree whole heartedly.

I was once sent a video from a friend. I don’t remember who sent it, but it was perfect. It showed a beautiful garden, Eden, with a gorgeous blonde woman strolling through it.  A really hot looking guy approaches her and she starts to get excited and blushing until he speaks…..”Hey…” with a very ‘gay’ tone of voice. The tag line was, “Yeah, that wouldn’t have worked.” or something like that. Seriously.

I’m sorry if I offend anyone with that particular tendency or desire, but frankly you are being deceived. Gay is wrong. I don’t care what you say your tendencies are or how you were raised or how open-minded you say you are.  Square peg, round hole. Ying and yang. Day and Night. We have to have opposites to make it work. Man plus woman equals life and progression and the RIGHT way. Man plus man or woman plus woman equals the end. No progression.

So, stop trying to push your disgusting way of life into every aspect of society. It is seeping into everything like a sick slime, sliding under doors and through the airways and all over cable. It makes me want to run away to Montana and hide in the wilderness. But then I think, if all the people with the right way of thinking hide from the garbage, the world will definitely spiral out of control. I’m not willing to give up on the world. My children live here. My grandchildren will be here. I’m staying and voicing my beliefs and stomping out the slime whenever and where ever I see it.

I’m not letting my kids watch those shows that promote gayness. Don’t know what they are? Even that ridiculous Barnyard show does it EVERY TIME! Why in the world does a MALE cow have utters? They are sneaking it in people! Turn it off!! Pay attention!

I think I’m going to go throw up now. The world just makes me sick some times.

Being open-minded isn’t the key, it’s actually using your BRAIN that makes the difference. Cuz I said so.

One thought on “Philosophy

  1. A male bovine is a BULL, that’s why….COW is female. They’ve got more than the udders wrong, and it isn’t accidental. Ridiculous it is, but people are buying it all the time…Like the RONCO spray on bald spot coverer-upper…duh…

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