Today was not my most favorite day. It started out okay, only one kid made it to school, but hey….one kid made it! Unless you count me as a kid, then I can say two kids made it. I love school. You really have to have something major to keep me from going to class. Maybe it is because I am paying for it this time or maybe because I am more mature….nah, I just really enjoy hanging out with twentyish people. They are cool. They still have the innocence of childhood lingering around the edges with a light of hope of the future shining in their eyes. They are so optimistic and fun! They make me feel like I’m not such an old dog.

I am actually enjoying geography, in spite of the fact that today I actually felt my brain come to a screeching halt. It brought back memories of when I took accounting….many years ago….and I could not, I repeat COULD NOT get it. The teacher finally told me, “Beckie, there is a certain part of the brain that does accounting. You don’t have it. Give up.” I am not kidding. I was really sad cuz, I thought I did it all right! I actually wanted to BE an accountant! Oh well…that was just one in a line of many degree attempts.  I went through Psychology : the teacher was too scary, Advertising: I only liked watching the Cleo awards, Photography: my teacher didn’t like my pictures and I broke 5 cameras in one semester, Art: moved to TX during that one and the only “art” class I could get into was one where I had to TRACE letters for three hours a day…..not happening, Music:……it just takes SO long….., and now Education…mixed with history….but I’m wavering again.

I told you all about the philosophy class I was excited to take. lol Well, I found out today that I can not actually take it as an honors class. So, really, what was the point. With that sense of disapointment in my head I went to class today. I am pleased to say that I was able to stay in my seat and did not beat my teacher over the head with my laptop. Mostly because I love my laptop and would have been sorely upset had I damaged it. It frightens me that the classroom was full of the above mentioned 20somethings. Eager to learn and to have their minds opened and filled with sewage. I was honestly angry by the time the class was over. What a completely pointless class.

There was ONE highlight, I have to admit. When the teacher was describing the universe and how, if we had super super eyesight and could see to the end of the earth and beyond, past all the planets and into what seemed like another universe and kept on looking further and further we would eventually see the back of our head. (insert eyes rolling here) In the middle of the profound babbling, the teacher’s pants fell down. Honestly, it was awesome. The only bad part was he didn’t even take a breath. Kept right on going and just reached down and pulled them up. It was classic.

I don’t mean to pick on the guy. I’m sure he is very nice. It is the whole idea that we are offering a college class where everyone just sits around and talks about whatever they want, learning to accept everything outside the box and not really having a point. It would have been an easy A…..surely….but I’m afraid I would have hit someone if I continued. So, I dropped the class. That’s the good news. The bad news is I signed up for a biology class instead. Yes, that means I now have Geography, Biology and math. How lucky is that? The two very hardest subjects for me….all at once!

All I can say is….pray for me. Cause….I need it!!!

2 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. I always pray for you…Cause you need it!
    AND, you can do anything…these classes will soon (okay in 5 months) be just a >happy< memory…hang in there!

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