so random…..

I love my sisters. They are the most incredibly fun people on the earth. They make me laugh whenever I am with them. In fact, I don’t even have to be with them to laugh. They are so creative and ….random!  I feel a bit sad that I wasn’t around to help raise them, but maybe it is better that way.

I moved out of my parents home when I was 18. My brother was 14, little sister was 10 and the runt was only 4. My brother had already begun his journey of self….skateboarding and getting into all kinds of various “fun.” We listened to music together now and then, but I doubt he missed me much. My little sister probably missed me a little, but I’m sure my space in the room we three girls shared was quickly absorbed and ….most likely…appreciated. The runt was the one I came back to visit most. I had been a beast of a big sister to the other two, and when runt was born I made a promise to myself that I would never be a beast to her. I never hit her, never yelled at her, never hurt her…..I never did. Really. I used to have nightmares about her getting hurt after I moved out. I don’t know why, but I feel like I abandoned her more that the other two. Little did I know the damage they would cause her. Brother raised her on horror movies and Beatles music….and little sister tortured her with stuffed animals that walked down the hall. (okay, I did do that once…..) And those are just the stories they will admit to!

I got to spend a bit of time with little sister tonight. I admire her so much. She has had a tough time for several reasons I won’t mention due to the fact that….well…I’m sure that my computer is being monitored and…the men in dark suits would come and take me away if I said anything about it. Enough (not) said. We went to a ‘jean party’ and tried on all kinds of jeans. Now, I must say, a  year ago I would NOT have gone with her. Losing a small babe-sized hunt of fat from my a## has put me a lot closer to her size and a heck of a lot more comfortable clothes shopping in general. I have to say in my defense, I have not had the opportunity to hang out with women for a long time. I don’t actually have any girlfriends here in the desert state. I had lots in the orange state, but apparently they don’t like me enough to bip over for a movie on the weekends so….I have no friends. I have lots of guy friends, but…a jean party with guys is a Whole different Enchilada! I think I’m ‘under-age’ for that kind of party. So, anyway, we had a ball. We even bought the same size jeans in exactly the same – style…”but they mean nothing to me and I don’t know why”……oops, sorry, broke into a Vertical Horizon song…It has been in my head for four days now. I keep playing it over and over…trying to overdose so the cycle will be broken but so far, it hasn’t worked.  Jeans. Yes, we bought some super cute jeans! We even splurged and bought a matching pair for the runt. How fun is that? Of course, her pair is a mini pair of jeans cuz she isn’t quite full grown. But, they are still just like ours. I love the blingy pockets and feel we will most likely be taking a group ‘butt’ picture in celebration.

After the ‘rockin’ jean party, we sat in little sister’s driveway and talked for a while. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. (by the way, that is how we measure good times in our family….if pee is threatened)  the best part is that it was all so random. topics of conversation ranged from the 12 steps to regain your tooth from the tooth fairy, to a moving song about vaginas. Other topics included how to kill your sleeping husband with the swimming egg beater move and a recap of the chorus line happy birthday move at last night’s party. It was fantastic and just what I needed! I tell ya, I may not have friends, but ….seriously…who needs them when I have awesome sisters around? They are better than any friend in the world! Cause I said so!

One thought on “so random…..

  1. Butt pic oh yeah… I would love to use that as a phone number picture so please zoom in on your butt so i can save it.. that way we will know who is the real a##.. hehe … i hope who all reads this knows i am just kidding .. i just want your pic cuz its definetly going to be a pic worth keeping..

    This is a very extreme blog and i cant believe you used the (V) word.. oh my gosh.. well if you Peeed i hope it wasnt going to happen in your new Jeans…

    You did mean Jeans and not Genes.. would hate for this to be a spin off of some government conspiracy..

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