Bang a Pot

I, like many other first time mothers, didn’t have much of a clue what to do with a newborn when I had my first child. All I really wanted to do was sit and look at her. I marveled in  her beauty and perfection. Nothing else in the world mattered to me. I didn’t need to sleep or eat or leave the house… fact, I didn’t leave her for a moment for several weeks. I would wake her up if she ‘slept too long’…i.e., I missed her. I would hide in my room saying I was nursing her when company came to see her…I didn’t want to share! My dear husband insisted that I leave and go to the store when she was a few weeks old. I cried all the way there and back and was in a constant state of panic the whole time. She survived….probably didn’t even notice I was gone!

When she got a bit older and could scoot around by herself, I took it upon myself to teach her all the important things she needed to know in life. One of these highly important things was how to properly bang a metal pan with a wooden spoon. It took some time, and lots of patience, but she finally mastered the art of pan banging.

My other children must have been watching these lessons from above, because when they arrived….the skill was already there. It seems to get stronger and louder with each child.

Yesterday, I was audience to an amazing plastic cup concert by my younger daughter. She did some solos and then participated in a trio made up of herself, my niece and my sister. It was quite amazing. I felt a surge of pride hearing the loud banging, slapping and and tapping. What a beautiful noise it was.  After a while I had to take a moment and go to my room and compose myself. Okay, I admit it…I had to give myself a dose of advil. Holy cow it was loud! I love my tile but it echos!!

Little did I know when I was that eager, naive, new mother….teaching my child to make noise….that one day I would someday long for quiet.  But seriously, having a house full of noisy, happy, creative children is what makes my life worth living. I wouldn’t trade a minute. Although….I could use some ear plugs…..cause I said so.

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