I wanna be a rock star…..

One of my favorite songs is by Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band. They are an amazing folk/bluegrass/country/punk/rock band. Kind of hard to define, obviously. I saw them in concert at a Stampin’ Up! convention in Denver several years ago. Their music was very new and fresh to me.  I had not heard anything like it. But, in spite of that, the thing that really made me fall in love with their music was how they performed it. It was obvious from the beginning that they absolutely loved what they were doing. You might argue that most, if not all, musical performers look like they love what they do, but I would disagree. I think some may, but the majority seem like they love the praise, the cheering, the….worship…..of the crowd. These guys loved Making Music. They probably could have cared less if the crowd was there. They were in their element. It was amazing! The most amazing thing they did was when they lined up and played their instrument with one hand and the instrument next to them with the other hand….at the same time! I don’t even know how that is possible, but they did it!

I wonder what kind of world we would live in if everyone was able to do a job that they totally loved. People that loved flowers worked in florist shops. Book lovers worked in libraries or book stores. Food lovers would be cooks.  Sounds like a perfect world, no? But…what about trash? Is there anyone out there that really loves picking up other people’s trash? What about plumbers? Is it possible for someone to find great joy in removing a ‘block’ from a toilet?  These are just two of the jobs that I know I would NOT love to do. But, maybe someone else could see a beautiful side in them that I cannot see. It would be their passion.

When I think about what job I would want in my perfect “job loving” world….I draw a bit of a blank. Not that I can’t think of something I would love, no, it isn’t that. The problem is that I can think of too many things I love! I love to organize for people. It brings me, and them, great joy and fullfillment. I love to make things…..sew, stamp, scrap, …anything with my hands. I love to make music….whether it is singing, playing the piano, or the guitar….love it all!

But…would I want to do any ONE of those things everyday, all day, as my job? As my ‘passion’?   I don’t know. There are too many things I am interested in. I think that I may be a bit (tiny) like Leonardo DiVinci. The man did everything! Art, science, philosophy, …. he was my kind of guy! Maybe he couldn’t decide what he loved best either. He is called the Rennaisance man….I’d like to be the Rennaisance woman. Can I have that title?? I guess I will have to actually DO somethings first tho….not just WANT to do it all.

Part of my inability to decide is due in part to my mother. Yes, mom always gets the blame. She is used to it….as I am with my kids. My mom somehow raised me to think that I could do anything I put my mind to. Rock star? Sure, no problem. Olympic Athlete? Sure. Author? Why not?  although I was shy as a child and teen….I always felt like I could do anything. my excuse was…I didn’t “want” to do anything. Sad, but true. maybe that is the trouble with my son. He is amazingly good at every single thing he does, but he has NO motivaton. Maybe he needs to fail at some things to help him narrow down his options. who knows……

I think the key to being able to do what you love is to simple love what you do. make the most of the deck you have been given and be the best at whatever your assignment is. We have a heck of a lot of freedom in this country to do what we want. Follow the rules, get to the stage where you can choose….choose your career, and stick with it! Be the best you can be!  Having a positive attitude will make all the difference in the world….cause I said so!

One thought on “I wanna be a rock star…..

  1. That’s cool that you have quite a few hobbies, I know a few people who don’t much of a passion for anything but are jealous of others who have passions and strictured hobbies.

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