there should be a law…..

Poolside… Sun… the smell of suntan lotion… gently lapping waves… curly slides with a splash…the smell of chlorine…

All of these things are part of summer. They make up the warm, tan memories of my mind. Many an hour of my teenage years was spent at the pool. Swimming, doing synchro, watching the cute life guards….and eating chick a sticks on the way home. Nothing goes better with a chick a stick than the smell of chorine and a bright sunburn. Ah, memories…

My daughter has reached the teen-pool age. Synchro is her water sport of choice. It is an absolute joy watching her do those tricks in the water that I once did. She does them much better than I ever did….I did them for fun. She does them to win. She isn’t super competitive, but she is serious about her sport. Her art. I love going and watching her do her thing. It amazes me as I watch all these teens and tweens run around in swimsuits….seemingly unselfconscious to the fact that they are showing most of their body to the world. I was the type to cover up. Wrap a towel, wear a shirt…something! Not that I was over weight, I wasn’t. I was underweight if anything.  These girls are all different sizes and they don’t even seem to care or to compare. I think it is a wonderful thing! I love their freedom and confidence.

What I don’t love is the freedom of some others at the pool. It is going to sound racist, but….guys….never wear speedos. I can’t say it enough. They are not flattering on anyone. No, not even you. I have never seen a guy in a speedo that looked good. They make me cringe. They make me want to laugh. They make me want to push you back in the pool or give you a cover up. Why is a pair of swim trunks SO much sexier? I do not know. I only know that it is so. I understand about the need to move quickly through the water….but  I still don’t care. There is only one thing worse than a guy in a speedo and….well, I saw it yesterday at the pool.He was proud. He was fit. He was strutting past my tshirt booth. He was sporting a belly button ring. Why? Please tell me why?! I cannot fathom the reasoning behind this jewelry. Please take it out, give it back to your girlfriend, buy some swim trunks and…..relax. Cause I said so.

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