Please explain

Natural and un-natural phenomenom happen all the time. I am sure of it. Things happen for no apparent reason. We can’t explain them. Good things, bad things, funny things….red fish, blue fish…..

I truly believe that things happen for a reason. We either need to learn something, or be a part of someone else learning something. Really. Think about all the things that have happened to you in your life. Okay, maybe you don’t have time for that right now, but seriously, I think most everything that happens can teach us something.

So, the question is then….why do I keep meeting guys that are totally not right for me? Too young, too old, too far away, too…ridiculous, too crazy of a past, too unemployed…… Why can’t I meet someone that is: too attractive, too crazy about me, too rich, too great with kids, too handy with power tools, …..too wonderful? Maybe they wouldn’t be interesting in me…no, see that ‘too crazy about me” part? ha! Thought ahead, I did! Anyway, went to a singles dance tonight to meet women. Yes, you read that right. I wanted to meet other single women so I possibly make friends to hang out with! All my single…well, all my friends period, are male. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but…sometimes you just need a girls night out. They tend to lack the awkward….’should we make out’ part of the evening. And, it doesn’t matter if your girlfriends are shorter than you are, not cute, overweight…in fact, all those things could be a plus!

I went out of my way to make a friend….a girl was sitting in her car waiting before the dance started so I went to her window and made friends. She said she was new and didn’t know anyone….liar! She knew most everyone there! sheesh…..oh well, we walked in together and then parted ways. I ended up at a table with three others, one female two men, playing scrabble. Which I pretty much won. After that, it was three guys and me playing UNO. then….the man in question and I talked the rest of the night. We sat and talked, stood and talked, danced and talked….and then I drove him home and we talked for two more hours. Yes, I am typing this with my eyes shut. so tired.

So? you ask? What is the problem? I’ll tell ya. He is not even a member of the church. He has the most colorful, interesting, non believable past I have EVER heard. I mean, he beats crazy Christiansen out of the water, no contest!  Earrings, tongue ring….you name it. Well, no tatoos, but he wants them.

He is a sweet guy and very entertaining, but….good grief. What is the point I am supposed to be getting here? The last guy I met that wanted my number was a reformed drug dealer (same here!) and too young. (well, by some people’s standards….I don’t really have a problem with it….)

I wonder if these new acquaintences are supposed to help me deal with Mae and her issues? I don’t know…..I do know (I think) that it would be awesome to meet someone that would, could, be a possiblity for me. sigh….maybe I”m just supposed to stay single.

Whatever…..I am pooped!!

One thought on “Please explain

  1. I must quote you “Why can’t I meet someone that is: too attractive, too crazy about me, too rich, too great with kids, too handy with power tools, …..too wonderful?”
    You mention about a guy you met.. have you talked to him since? if so is he attractive and is he crazy about you? is he great with kids? does he have any children? and is he handy with powertools..? Is he rich and is he wonderful? these are all questions your should ask yourself about this guy…
    If he nails almost everything then you should give him a real chance… And also think about those hopes your have in return for him… maybe he is looking for someone who is good with kids is attractive and is crazy about him… most men dont care if your rich so i would say throw that one out. but would he consider you to be a wonderful person? if you think you do all this for him then maybe you found that guy that can make your life happy. I also noticed you mention he isnt even mormon and he obviously doesnt understand chapter 5 in a book called why. But is he going to church to learn and is he worth believing in? can he change those things you dont like about him on his own and if he did would this guy be everything your looking for? i didnt notice you werent looking for anyone to give you any advice but i wanted to share some thoughts with you as a guy… who has no clue who your talking about but seriously if your looking for someone that is going to make you smile everyday and is willing to be groomed into the church and become understanding to what jesus and the book have taught then maybe you should really look at this guy and give him a real shot.
    It really comes down to love.. if your looking to fall in love and have such strong feelings about someone who is a complete stranger, someone who isnt family someone who has a choice if they want to love you or not but chooses to love you and you can tell he trully does and his is a very good man and you can tell the love from this guy is genuine and he supplies it without any doubts to you and that his love is true then what are you waiting for. Oh wait its been a month since you posted this.. maybe you arent looking anymore and all this that i type might be worthless. You might already have made a decision.. just listen to your heart it will always talk to you. ( im only a guy and this is only a opinion) im no expert by any means.

    Well i wish you luck and love and definetly happiness.

    Yours trully , Brian

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