J & J

So, I finally watched the movie Julie and Julia last night. I had decided to give my self a bit of a treat. I set up my portable dvd player in my bathroom and ran a nice big bubble bath. I thought I would enjoy a nice long soak whilst I watched. Unfortunately, my bath decided to run out and left me high and dry, literally, before I got half way through the movie! I should have known….for once, I had the temperature just right! It was pure bliss for the 19 minutes it lasted. Sigh….

The good news, is that the movie was really cute. I enjoyed it and stayed up way too late to finish it. I have to say, the amount of eating in that movie was epic. I have never seen so much chewing in a movie since that old ¬†baseball movie I can’t remember the name of….

The thing I liked the best about the movie was the whole idea of taking something you love and making it in to something wonderful. Both J & J did it. Julia with her food, and Julie with her writing. I actually love both food and writing so….I’ll eat while I write! lol

The movie made me think, once again, about what I really want to write about. I have so many ideas bouncing about it my head….it is hard at times to make any one idea fully mature before it is bumped aside by another idea. After a while, the ideas start to merge together and make little mini marriages in my head and then…I’m not sure who goes where! Not really….the stories are actually pretty distinct in their storylines, but I never seem to have the time to write them down fully. For now, they are perculating in my head. I think the biggest problem, even bigger than time, is the fact that I have a great desire to write something that will inspire people. Even if it is only….one person….I want to make something good and full and hopeful. Something that will make someone want to be better, or to see more clearly, or to have more light in their life. Not too much to ask, is it? Of course not.

So, onward and upward with the percolating. You can’t rush a good thing. i also read today that ….there are three things you cannot make someone else do. Eat, Sleep or Poop. Words for thought for sure…..

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