Yes, No, and maybe….

So, in my public speaking class my next assignment is to write and present a persuasive speech. The topic needs to be something controversial that I am ‘passionate’ about. So…I’ve been thinking. I don’t know if I am passionate about anything really. I mean….nothing controversial….

*Jay walkers. The first thing that came to my mind, really. I absolutely hate it when people cross the street in the middle instead of going to the corner. I don’t understand why they can’t just walk those ten feet to the corner and save us all a bit of stress from trying not to hit them. Yeah, winner subject…next!

*White chocolate vs milk/dark chocolate. White chocolate is not a chocolate. It is sweetened parafin made to stop up your bowels until you bed for a cup of smooth move. Yes, even YOU Rhea, will Beg me for one after enough faux chocolate.  Sweet topic, but….no passion there.

*Leggings are not pants. Seriously, they are meant to be worn under something. And under NO circumstances are they to be worn fully visible by anyone over the age of 2 or over the size of 0. Please, I beg of you.

let’s see…..mullet haircuts. I hate them. Rick Springfield is the only man that could ever pull one off and…..I guess Me at age 4 . Yes, thanks mom, nice job on the mullet. I haven’t forgiven you.

Should spimoni ice cream be sold in WalMart. I say no. This is because Spimoni is an abomination in the form of ice cream. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten, well, maybe not, but the most disgusting thing pretending to be ice cream I have ever eaten. It should be banned. Think my teacher would go for that one? ……

I refuse to talk about politics. What a bloody mess that is. And frankly, I am embarassed to admit that I don’t know what all is going on. I am out of the loop. I just know that Obama is an ass. That won’t take ten minutes to say…..

I asked my son what he thought I should talk about and he said video games. Of course, he then added with a grin that….I would probably talk myself into buying another xbox if I did a good job. LOL

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