Snails on cars

Living in the garden of Eden as I do, nature is abundant. I am amazed daily at the things I see as I drive and walk about. Where else in the civilized world can you see wildlife living harmoniously along side the modern world? I’m not talking your basic squirrels and pigeons, although we do have those in aplenty. I’m talking about the cranes and peacocks and herons and those funny birds I don’t know the name of that travel in packs and attach newly seeded lawns with a fever. And, I’m talking lizards. You tell me a place that has more lizards than good ol Florida and I’ll tell you…well, I’ll be amazed. There are lizards everywhere here! When we first moved here, before our furniture and toys arrived, the children had a ball chasing and catching lizards. They thought it was sooo cool! After they caught the first twenty, the coolness started to fade. By the time the furniture had arrived, lizards were no longer extrodinary. They were common place. Being arachnophobic, the first few months of invisible things dashing through the leaves and underbrush gave me regular heartattacks. Now I know, …lizards.¬† With some species, having an abundance of members makes them stupid. Take the squirrels as an example. There are so many around here they have no brains left. They wait by the side of the road and wait til a car comes and then they dash out and run back and forth not sure what they are doing, til someone hits them. It is a sad thing to see. The lizards are an exeption to this rule. They have become quite smart. They developed the whole “grab me and I’ll just let my tail fall off” manuever. Cool. Now, they have taken up car riding. More than once I have had a lizard clinging to the windshield of my car catching a ride. They crack me up! The one I had yesterday was a pro. He was on my rearview mirror, hanging on with all his toes….I swear he had his tongue hanging out as he caught some wind. Crazy!

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