Labor day Reinvented

Aah, Labor day. A day off from school, work, and the general craziness of every other day. Or is it? What the heck is Labor day about anyway? I know I should know this, but I haven’t a clue. Seems to me it meant something once upon a time, but we have forgotten what that was, long ago. Being the crazy go go go people that we are, we aren’t about to admit that we don’t know why we are taking a day off, ‘they’ might take our free day away if we don’t know what it is for! We are holding on to it!

I think that instead of going to all of the trouble of finding out what Labor Day is supposed to be about, I will just reinvent the day. I propose we re-christen Labor day to be a day of honoring those who have gone through the most grueling, painful, long suffering, bloody, labor of all. You know who you are, yes, I’m talking to you moms out there! I KNOW you haven’t forgotten the labor you went through to get those kids here. I know I haven’t! and, don’t think that just because you had a c section you don’t count. Honey, the ‘labor’ starts the day you wake up feeling like you’re on a tilt a wheel, ready to lose your dinner, breakfast, lunch, or whatever else you might have ingested, along with any random organs that might be in the way. Motherhood, from the time of conception, is labor.

I think that Labor Day should be a day where all mothers are treated to massages, pedi cures, mani cures, and what ever other ‘cures’ they might need. A day when mothers aren’t allowed in the kitchen, grocery store, laundry room or…garage! This should be a day when everyone that had a mother, somehow pampers her and thanks her for that labor. I know we have a mothers day, but frankly….we need TWO!!

Cause I said so…..

One thought on “Labor day Reinvented

  1. I agree. As long as this doesn’t mean that we have to actually think about labor. because i’d rather have my eyelids staped shut.

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