Lesson learned

I thought I was a big person. I’m not talking pants size, no, I meant mature. You know, big enough to make my own decisions. A ‘big girl’ and all that entails. I mean, I have been around for a few years now. Been around the block a few times and all. I am a big sister, and a mother for heaven’s sake!  I never in a million years thought I would make such a silly mistake.  I was feeling all indepentent and able to forge my own way in the world….what was I thinking?  I went to the bookstore to get a book. Innocent, right? Well, the bookstore lady Beth was not there. I usually run my books by her before I purchase them, just to get her opinion. The lady reads. I don’t mean she ‘reads’, no, she READS. Up to nine books a week. yeah, big league reader. I think she may have read most of the books in our little Waldenbooks here in the big city. Anyway, she can usually tell me about the book or at least why she didn’t read it.  A couple of the ‘lesser’ book ladies were working on this fateful  night. I should have known when one of them ‘went off’ on Edward and Bella, saying how they were both idiots and they deserved each other. okaaaaay….. and how she loved Jakob and he was better off without both of them and she hoped he found someone else, Edward was killed and Bella had to go through all the pain she put him through ….whatever.  Long story short, I bought a book. Without any help. The introduction was really interesting. I was intrigued. I bought it. I got home. I read it. I threw it across the room! It was the most horrid, nasty, disgusting, revolting, trash I have ever ever ever read.  What I want to know is, how can anyone live with themselves after thinking these things, let alone writing them and passing them on to the unsuspecting general public??  I wanted to throw up.  Nasty nasty nasty!! I thought about burning it, ripping the pages from it, letting my dog pee on it, but then thought…as long as I have the book, the stupid idiot of an ‘author’ is making money from the sale. I think I will take it back. Get my money back. but, what if someone else buys it? I pity the fool. There should be a warning label on this thing. Like, the radiation symbol or something else.  I’m not kidding, It is gross.  And, NO, I’m not telling you the title, because you will go out and buy it! You are NOT allowed!!! Cause I said so!

One thought on “Lesson learned

  1. I love how you are the big sister till the end. HA! Not giving us a name to put with the book protecting your little sisters…actually a wise choice..you never know I might have been tempted!

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