The goose is dead but I’m still fat

You know that Christmas song….Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat? Well, I never really understood it since I have never in my life had goose for Christmas. I mean, do people eat them? Or is the song just a “neener” to all the turkeys and hams that are getting eaten. Kind of like the goose is saying haa haa…I’m getting fat and you’re getting eaten?  I don’t get it. Oh well.

Christmas was good. We had a great time with my kids and Grandpa Dave. I have come away from the holidays with more than gifts tho. I have questions. Burning questions that just need to be answered. First of all, Why do toy manufacturers feel the need to use those industrial strength titanium wires to ‘secure’ every inch of every toy into the package? Can you tell  me? The child rips open the gifts. yay! Just what I wanted! He tries to unlodge gift from package, but cannot due to the dang wires holding every inch of the toy in the box. Mom runs to get the wire cutters and blow torch, works on getting the gift out, misses the rest of the gift opening, finally gets the gift out and the child is asleep on the floor and three years older.  If they toys were high tech or sacred, I could understand this. But, we’re talking plastic squids.  Is it all about presentation? Do the toys need to be ‘posed’ in a certain position to be more attractive to us? maybe I don’t want to go there.  The funny thing is, my new camera that cost as much as….20 of those squid, came in a cardboard box with NO wires, no packing, and just a rough cardboard ‘hole’ for it to sit in. Strange….

One thought on “The goose is dead but I’m still fat

  1. It’s all a conspiracy theory…’they”re trying to make parents insane…I’m pretty sure it’s working-who in their right mind would buy again after one such episode? I could see perhaps lengthening out the ‘joy’ of opening the present if that were the only gift…perhaps that’s the answer…only one gift per person and everyone has to wait while it’s opened…OR maybe you’re missing the point: if you have one parent reading the instructions while the other is opening the packing, in the 5 hours it takes to release said item, the instructions in the language of choice should be found, and deciphered.

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