Call me Graceful

I look like I have been in a prize fight. No, I did not run into the bowling ball bandit, I ran into a door. Bummer! If I am going to have this big fat gross black and blue and red bloody bruise on my dadgum face, I ought to be able to tell an exciting story to go with it. But no, I was in “mean mommy” mode on Saturday. Trying to get the kids to clean up the mess they spent the entire week making, and I had a mutiny. Well, a mutiny of One. The “one” being Thor. He is really good at finding a reason he shouldn’t have to help. He reminds me of a certain boy I knew as a child that always got severe leg aches or major poop whenever it was time to do the dishes. Maybe the leg aches came from sitting on the John for hours avoiding dishes? We will never know. Anyway, as the above mentioned boy tried to run off out the front door, I pulled a “oh no you didn’t” move and tried to grab the back of his shirt as he went through the door. Unfortunately, I moved so fast the door didn’t realize I was coming and therefore did not move out ofthe way in time. We met in a powerful want and I was the one that went down. Just thinking about it makes me wince. Nobody likes to hear their skull crack. Well, nobody sane I guess.  The funny thing about this is that everyone that knows me askes me if Brad hit me. LOL I tell them, No, if there was any hitting going on, I would be the one hitting him!

In other news, Bacon salt has hit the market. Get yours before it is gone. I’m thinking this is something we need in our year supplies. Hear that Roger? Just think…everything you put it on tastes like Bacon! You might see cracked wheat cereal, but no…that’s bacon! You might thing you are having beans, but no…that’s bacon!  Carob chip cookies? Nope! Bacon! It would be a great stocking stuffer too! Who wants those boring old candy canes when they can have Baconsalt! I’m tellin you, this is going to be big! Almost as big as the mailorder tape worms Rhea is sending me! yummy!

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