I am a laxative

I have always wanted to be the ‘cool’ aunt. That is pretty much why I have always lived across at least one state line from the rest of my family.  Being ‘aloof’ and distant adds a certain charm to my status. Also, I can come and visit and spoil nieces and nephews, tell them crazy stories about their parents (no comment), do crazy fun things, and then leave. Letting their parents deal with all the after shock of those actions. Not that I have done anything really bad….not like Rhea or anything. By the way, I do take credit for a bit of her insanity seeing as how I was the one to teach her to belch professionally at the age of 4. (You are welcome sis!) Anyhoo, I’m just not sure how I feel about being the aunt that makes her nephew poop.  I know, that is a very important function and all. Especially coming from a mom with a son that would rather have his butt cut off than do the dirty deed. Yes, he did request this at one time.  But still….it isn’t exactly the level of ‘cool’ I was going for.

3 thoughts on “I am a laxative

  1. Being an aunt myself, i sympathize. but hey, look on the bright side, at least you’re not the mother who tramatized her son by yelling “STOP POOPING!!!!” right as he was trying to drop a deuce. i’m just saying, it could be worse.

  2. Seeing as I am the MOTHER I have to take a little bit of credit for being the one who was trying to get SOMEONE on the plane before they locked all the doors and rolled the stairs away. Heavens anyone with that much poop in them could wait awhile… there was obviously more where that came from.

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