Oblivious living

There are all kinds of magazine and show and websites for different kinds of living. Fine living, simple living, budget living, blah blah blah…I think I should start my own on Oblivious living. I haven’t got a clue what is going on in the world. I live in my own little bubble over here.  It is quiet in here. I don’t know what is on the news because I don’t watch it. Why, you ask? Well, for one thing, I don’t  have time for TV. I have way too many real life things to do that leave me little to no time for sitting around watching someone else living their life. The other reason is that the news is 99.99999% depressing. Every now and then I decide to take the plunge and watch the news and I come away feeling sick to my stomach. The same is true for the newspaper they insist upon leaving in my driveway every week. Like I don’t have enough mulch already. I feel guilty after there are about a dozen decomposing newspapers lying about and so I pick one up. Since I am a confessed reading addict, I can’t help but read the front page before I even know I have started. They suck you in with a sweet something like, “man and dog reunited” and then slap you with the “serial killer on the loose in YOUR neighborhood!”  I really don’t need that kind of stress in my life. Nor do I REALLY need to know what miss Britney-no-panties-spears is up to. I knew from the beginning the gal would fall and fall hard. It is sad, but frankly not surprising. Anyone that lives that kind of life has mental issues and is just waiting for a breakdown. So, you see, no news is actually good news for me. I admit there are some uncomfortable silences when I’m at a ‘gathering’ and someone mentions a hot news topic and I go all glassy eyed and quiet. The only thing I really know is that Hilary Clinton is the devil incarnate and I will vote for pretty much ANYONE besides her. But, I knew that the first time I saw Mr Hilary when he was running for president, way back in my college days. He was a ‘minion.’ Anyway, the reason I bring all this up is that yesterday the neighborhood “mom”….you know, the one person in the neighborhood that somehow knows the ‘scoop’ on everyone on your street, informed me that the druggie next door was arrested on felony charges. What? Sure, didn’t you hear his big Harley roaring at 2 am? uh, no. Didn’t you hear the gun shots? uh, no. Didn’t you know the man that lived in that house for 100 years died and there was a big funeral and a casket in the front yard with lines of moaning morners for 3 days in a row and then after that his son moved in and he was a total drug dealer and people were coming and going at all hours of the day? Uh, missed that one too.  Well, he is going to prison. Great! I’m going back into my bubble now….

3 thoughts on “Oblivious living

  1. I love this…and i will help you with the magazine….only i don’t know if it’s appropriate because i’m usually the one people are talking about and i’m oblivious to it….does that count?

  2. I’m impressed that you actually get the newspaper. I have found tha they are wonderful to line the bottom of smal rodent type cages and that’s about all the use I get out of them. I stand by the old saying “Ignorance is bliss” I am as bliss-full as they get baby!

  3. I too live in a world of oblivion. I like the idea. You could have recipes for tapioca pudding made with powdered milk in there, too.

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