I actually  have nothing to say about underpants, but I figured it would get your attention. I am sitting at home waiting for my hot date to pick me up. He is currently in the other room spending ‘quality time’ with the boys by playing Ghost Recon. Yes, you guessed it. A shoot-em-up game with little to no appeal to anyone that is lacking testosterone. In other words, girls don’t like it. In fact, just being in the room whilst they are playing it makes me feel like running outside, jumping in the car, and going shopping. Just to prove my girlyiness. (Like I need an excuse to shop!)  anyway, I was supposed to have a class tonight but due to people decided to leave on vacation instead of coming to an incredibly exciting, educational, and all around fabulous workshop put on my moi, ….yeah, I don’t get it either. Vacations are highly over rated. I have sworn them off for the  most part. At least until I see a + sign in my check book, which….may be never. Of course, if those vacationing people would stay home and buy stamps…I just might get there sooner!

The movie line of the day is  “You son of a motherless goat!”  Name that movie and you win nothing more than the satisfaction that you are filling your brain with trivial stuff. Like me!

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