Names that fit

I remember once upon a time back when I was in school and actually listening, that in the ‘olden days’ a person’s last name was determined by their profession. For example:  A blacksmith might be called “Smith” a Fisherman might have been called “Fisher” , etc. So, my question to you is…if you were born into a family with the last name of say… “Peedon” why in the world would you not change it. Obviously, someone way back in the roots of your family tree had a special talent of, well, you know what I mean, and you get to carry on their fame. Right. I am totally serious here. My daughter has a friend named Katie Peedon. Katie Peedon herself. That has to be my favorite last name of the day. It even beets Snodgrass and Butts. Do you have a favorite last name?

Speaking of teens, I am having quite a ball being a mother of several. I tellya, you just have not lived until you have lived with at least one if not three once cute cuddly children that have turned into ‘teens.’ I’m not saying that like a bad word, I’m saying that more like an alien presence in my home. Frankly, there is no preparation for this event. The ‘coming of teens.’  I thought, at first, stupidly, that since I was a teen just a FEW years ago, that I would be hip on things and have no problem. Like I said, ‘stupidly.’  It is one of the things that will help you to feel older finally, if you are having trouble with that.  The things teens say these days are quite fun. One thing that really threw me for a loop was the “I love you” thing. I had a boyfriend, yes, I admit it some days, and it took quite a while for us to get to the “I love you ” stage. So, when my daughter started saying “I love you” to her friends, boys and girls alike, I kind of freaked.  You love a GIRL? What? Well, after hanging with the kids for a whille, I realize they all say it and it means nothing.  Whew! Another sweet saying they have is “have you washed your butt lately? You stink!” Don’t worry, they are careful to only say this in class in front of a few dozen of your friends. I’m just glad MY girl didn’t say that. And, that it wasn’t to me! I think I’ll go shower now…just in case….

2 thoughts on “Names that fit

  1. You must really be ancient because in our home asking if someones butt smells is one of the more tenderest of comments. Where have you ebbn ol’girl?

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