It’s the end of the world as we know it…

You know it is true, just look around you! Things are just crazy! People are walking around looking for ‘stuff’ all the time. More stuff. Better stuff. Bigger stuff. Stuff mart. I want to just take all my ‘stuff’ and load it up into a big truck and dump it somewhere. Doesn’t that sound totally liberating? Clean. Clear. Empty. Of course, I will be keeping all my scrapbooking supplies. When I say ‘stuff’, what I am really talking about is all of the laundry, dishes, shoes, and dog poop that is lying about our place. No, the dog poop is outside, and I can’t see it, but….I know it is there. I wanted to get some vapoorize, but I was afraid I would kill a horse somewhere and that would just NOT be good. I would hate to have Ben Stiller hunting me down.  Anyway, I have been waiting for the world to just slow down a bit…just a little bit…and I notice the Christmas decorations in Wally World (a.k.a. the devil’s playground) I knew it was coming but….sigh….there is an unwritten law somewhere that you will realize how totally in debt, broke and all around pathetic you are as soon as the Christmas shopping time arrives each year. Am I wrong? of course not. Why? Cuz I said so.

One thought on “It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. I can’t agree more. It seems so wrong to have Halloween clearance on one isle and CHRISTAMAS stuff on he next…..what kind of a world do we live in??? This place needs an ennema!!!

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