Okra sucks


It’s been a hard day’s night…..well, not really. That song just seemed to pop into my head for a moment as I started to write. I guess the Beatles needed a bit of exposure for a second there. You’re welcome.  It’s actually been a pretty terrific day.

I’m sitting at my computer, trying to finish a story for my goal. If you haven’t heard…because you aren’t stalking me or I haven’t mentioned it to you yet, I set a goal on my last birthday. I read about a fellow FB ‘friend’ that decided to write a story every week for a year. For some crazy reason, that really struck something in me. It might have been because there are 52 weeks in a year. Stick with me here.

I turned 51 this year. Don’t tell my students, they think I’m still 30-something. I’m not volunteering information on age to them. Even though it was a weekend, I quickly did some major math and realized if I wrote a story every week during the year, I would have written 52 stories by the time I turned 52. It’s a sort of gimmick; something catchy to make you want to do something. Corney as it may sound, it has totally been working! I am at the end of week 6 and I have 5-1/2 finished stories.

I can’t guarantee they are all stellar stories that will change the world and cause the planets to align and all mankind to rise up together and cause the extinction of the dreaded okra abomination, but I can say each story has made me smile.

I heard an interview years ago by a famous author who shall remain nameless…only here because of haters…but you’d know her. Anyway, this person said that if you dreamt of being a famous writer, you should probably quit. BUT, if you loved writing, you should do it. The point she was trying to make was…I think…you should write if you love it.

I admit I have fantastical dreams of people reading my stories and lauding my name or what have you, but the real reason I write is that I really love it. I am not a planner or an outliner. I am what some people would call a ‘pantser’. I sit down to write and just do it. Sometimes I have an idea that sends me to my keyboard or notepad, but sometimes I just sit down and write the first thing that pops into my head and then I just roll with it. (refer to the first line of this post for an example)

Sometimes when I go back and read stories I wrote in the past, I am amazed that I wrote them. I wonder about that person. What was I thinking? What was going on in my life that caused me to come up with that weird idea? I always smile. It’s like running into an old friend you kind of forgot about but you still love. I give that old story friend a big hug. It’s a happy reunion.

There is an exemption to this. There was a day, not long ago, when I was reading through some old stories I had written. I was trying to build up my mojo and get back into writing to achieve this amazing goal I had set. I found a story I didn’t remember writing at all. I was reading it, totally getting engrossed in it, and then the climax came and……

Yeah, that’s what happened. The story just ended. It wasn’t an end per se, it was just that I didn’t finish it. I had NO idea what I was going to write next or where I was going with it. I was so mad! I actually yelled out loud at my past self. “What the heck was that?!” I have to laugh about it now. I still don’t know where that story was headed. It was so good up till the point where it stopped. Some day….probably in the middle of the night, the next line will come to me. That’s when the planets actually will align and okra will be gone and you will all be lined up to buy advance tickets to a movie version of the story written by me. Don’t worry, I will be there too, probably eating way too much popcorn and laughing out loud at all the right parts. Try to keep up. You can buy the milk duds.

It’s going to be epic. Cause I said so.

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