What a world

lego waving

I’m with most of you, self quarantined…to some extent. I decided it wasn’t worth it to venture out of my home much. I could stay home, no problem. I mean, I have food, water, clothes, kids, electronics, and load and loads of books and projects. I was not going to even miss the outside world.

It’s been going fine. I ‘homeschool’ my two littles each day for a few hours, then we play. I made a schedule for the first day, cuz that’s what you do. Those of you that have the ‘schedule’ have figured out the secret by now, I’m sure. The schedule is just a suggestion. Not for one moment have we actually followed the schedule. It serves more as a…’what shall we do next’ document. We finish reading and look at the list…it might say to do math, but we feel like running around the house screaming. Okay, we will move PE next. No problem!

At school, we are advised to give lots of brain breaks to keep kids engaged. I am winning at the brain break game with homeschooling. In fact, I think we do more brain breaks than we do actual school work.

Then there is the topic of ‘school work’. Yes, I am a teacher, but I’m appreciating more and more how awesome it is to have a classroom full of kids that are at least the same age, if not close to the same ability level. Working with a 7 and 4-year-old…is like, well, it’s like hard. The7 year old is a hard worker, finisher, and super smart. The 4-year-old is “hey! Is that a squirrel? Can I have a snack? I’m tired. Teddy took my Lego!”…but still very smart. I’ve decided Legos can officially be educational in the following ways: reading (instructions even if they are pictures), math (counting pieces), colors, shapes, sequencing, social cues, anger management, sanitation, PE (putting them together and throwing them across the room), and of course, patience and long-suffering(these are teacher topics).

The hardest subject of the day is turning out to be the prep hour for me. I’d really like a brain break for me. I can’t even run to the store to get a soda…Nobody will cover my ‘class’ for me and I may bring home the plague. Sigh.

I do love being home with the kids. I love when the older boys practice their guitars or laugh at TV shows or games. I love being able to wear my PJs all day (even if I don’t), and I love being able to go outside and breathe. I pray that won’t be taken away.

Be strong y’all. This too will pass….hopefully.

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: Lego

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