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I took a day off from work. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but I never take days off. There are several reasons for this. First of all, I love what I do. There is an energy in teaching, especially 5th grade, that makes most days fly by in a blur of wonder and Taki dust. Kids are creative, passionate, unbiased, and just plain fun at this age. Their parents…well, most of them are ok. I love being a teacher!

Another reason is that makings substitute plans is way harder than actually going to work. When I’m at school, I can have the day ‘mostly’ planned and fly with it. When I have a sub coming, I have to account and plan for every minute of the day. I have to have everything copied, lined up, powerpointed, and laid out in order. Subs don’t like coming into a pit of chaos and trying to herd cats all day. I leave awesome sub plans, for my own safety. Sometimes, my plans are SO great…I decide to come in any way and just enjoy them! I feel almost envious of the sub when I leave plans. I should do plans for myself every day! But, like I said, making plans is a royal pain!

The reason I took today off was simple. G’s daycare was closing early so, I decided to just not take her. We would stay home and ‘get lots done’! When I say ‘get lots done’, some may think I am talking about housework, laundry, dishes, gardening, scooping puppy poop, fixing things…etc. Those were all things (except the poop) that were definitely on my list. In addition, I figured I would finish grading all the papers I had collected this week AND go to the gym. Yeah. None of those things happened. Although, now that I think about it, I did pick up the pup’s poop at the park…#responsibleneighbor you’re welcome.

What really happened was time travel. I found myself back in…..let’s not name years…but, back when my older kids were my younger kids. I was home. I had little ones pulling on my legs, wanting to go potty with me, wiping their hands on me, making messes, and all that. I found myself coping just as I had when I was ‘in the day’. I was exhausted from the time I got up. I went to get groceries, picked up the grandson, played play-doh, colored pictures, made bread, ate chips, made chicken fingers, cleaned baby poop, went to the park, went to karate, had ice cream, and wore leggings all day. It was a total trip.

When my daughter had her son, I remember looking at her and thinking, I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have been more patient, gotten more sleep, been more creative, and used my time with the little ones so much better. I would have been amazing. Well, today I learned I’m a total liar. I was that person. I was back in the day with the added knowledge of going through the younger years with kids and…I was the same. I got frustrated, I snuck a nap when the kids were throwing things at the wall upstairs, I interacted by baking, and I didn’t wear real clothes. It was enlightening and frustrating, all at the same time. What is it about little kids that acts like novocaine to me? I used to think I had narcolepsy, but now I know I was just reacting to having small children. Is everyone like this? Tired all day and wide awake when they finally go to sleep?

I say I got nothing on my list done. That may be true, but I had an awesome time with these little humans. They made me laugh, smile, and feel the love of Heavenly Father like a beam of sunshine sent down just for me. They warmed my heart as much as they warmed my arms as I held them.

I may be single, sleeping on the air mattress(#badgeofhonor), wasting my children’s inheritance, and stumbling through a pretty messy house, but my life is so very blessed. I am overcome when I think about how blessed I am. I know the Lord has a plan for me and my kids and I know he watches over us and prods us along our path.

Life is pretty dang good my friends, pretty dang good.

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: zh-cn.facebook

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