Turn a Dough

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The number 3 is pretty cool. As a kid, I could not handle odd numbers. Or, as they say in Germany, “not even numbers”. Everything had to even. An even number of M&Ms, chews on each side of my mouth, even steps on the sidewalk in each square. If I ‘broke my mama’s back’ once, I had to do it again. Sorry mom.

I’ve grown up since then, in some ways, and I’ve decided SOME odd numbers are okay. Three and seven, to be exact. (my students would point out that they add up to 10 so it is still even…, but I digress. ) I now have seven children, so I have to be okay with that number. There are also 7 days in each week, so calendars don’t drive me insane. Seven is kind of a stand alone, cool, like me or don’t like me, kind of number. I’m cool with it.

The number three was a bit harder. It always seems to just leave someone out. That is usually me, for the record. I had two best friends in high school, but I was sure they were secretly “MORE best-est friends” behind my back and I was just a charity case. So, it was more like 2-1/2. When I only had three kids, I felt completely out numbered. It was an adjustment. Four was much easier.  I know, it’s all in my head, but that’s where I live.

Another good thing about the number three is the ‘well-known-fact’ that bad things, or hard times, come in threes. I’m pretty sure I not only read that on the internet, FaceBook, a super cute Pinterest meme, but also in an actual book somewhere. So, there are my sources. The reason I like this is that I’m at three for the month. Big doctor bill, IRS wants money, and my (3) air conditioning units are on the fritz. It was almost a relief to hear the diagnosis on my AC. My brain said, “well, there’s number three, we can relax now.”

It’s comforting to know that I only have to come up with another $10,000 for the month. I mean, it could have been much worse, right? I could have had a dentist bill for my daughter of $4400 or a cracked windshield, or (heaven forbid) a broken console in my car. lol No, those things couldn’t Possible happen now. Not that I’m at three….cause I said so.

Photo: Triniti Schultz

3 thoughts on “Turn a Dough

  1. When I was a kid, I preferred even numbers too (not weird at all) but I don’t mind odd numbers now. In fact, I tend to like numbers more if they’re multiples of 3. Not sure why – it’s just something I noticed one day. I reckon good things should come in threes too

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