Round house kickin’


Believe it or not, I am a purple belt in martial arts. I know it is hard to believe that I actually do anything physical, besides stand on my feet and lift white board markers all day, but there was a time….not long ago, that I actually worked out.

My son has been going to MMA for over six years. It started out as something his big brother wanted to do and ended up being what he LOVED. Big brother has moved on to other things like…getting shot and making horrid friends. Bless his heart.

Because MMA has been such an amazing experience for my son, I really wanted my youngest son to get into it as well. He is my youngest and doesn’t like to do anything that involves any level of discomfort. Transitions, talking to people, turning off the wii, all those things are way off his list of things he enjoys.

In spite of his feet dragging for four years, he finally gave in and decided to give MMA a fighting chance. After the first day, he said he loved it and had his sights set on a black belt. This mama was feeling awesome!! After two weeks, he was still going! Then we got sick and it almost fell apart, but he went back!

Then, last week, he was practicing round house kicks and landed wrong. I thought it was the end for sure. I happened to be close by at the grocery store when it happened. I saw them bringing him out, slowly, supported between two big guys (older brother was one) and my heart stopped.

This son (all my sons) is a big guy. Not fat, but BIG. All my boys are tall and muscular and very heavy. Or maybe I’m just wimpy…anyway, he was hurting for certain when they brought him out. He wasn’t crying, he was bellowing. He had dislocated his knee and he was sure he would not live.

We carefully put him in the back of the car and tried to keep his leg somewhat straight-ish as we left for the hospital. I dropped baby and big brother at big sister’s house and made a b-line towards the ‘hospital that doesn’t kill you’ as quick as I could.

The poor boy continued to bellow. I remember him saying, ‘this is too much! I can’t bare it!” I calmly told him that he actually WAS bearing it. He was surviving. He wasn’t dying and he was going to be okay. He needed to tell himself positive things to build up his strength to handle this trial.

He got quiet for a minute as we drove and then I heard him singing to himself. “Don’t worry, about a thing, cuz…every little thing…is gonna be alright…” My heart just swelled. Music has always been a source of strength and guidance for me in times of trouble. I prayed it would be the same for him.

We got to the hospital and I ran into the emergency room to sign him in and get a wheel chair. As I brought out the chair, and a big guy to help, I realized a wheel chair would not work. He couldn’t bend his leg! The big guy went off to find a gurney with a board to slide him out on.

While we waiting, Ben suddenly gasped and said, “It went back in!! It went back in! Oh, thank you God! Thank you! I’ve been rewarded for my faith!” He went on and on in saying thank you to his Heavenly Father as he cried in relief.

We ended up staying at the hospital for a couple of hours, mainly to watch reruns of Full House, but also to get x-rays to make sure nothing bad had happened in his knee. They sent us home finally with a nod and not even a prescription.

Even though my son got hurt and was out of commission for a few days, I feel so very blessed by this incident. Ben learned that he was stronger than he thought. He learned that attitude is a powerful thing, especially in trials. He also learned that his Heavenly Father cares about him and is there for him when he needs him. This was an answer to him mother’s ongoing prayers.

It is true that we don’t grow by sitting on our comfy couches in our safe houses with everyone healthy and happy. That may seem like what we all want, but thankfully, the Lord knows that what we really want is to learn what we came here for so we can return to be with him again, with our families around us.

I don’t go looking for trouble, hurt, drama, or pain, but when it comes…and it always does, I try to look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Life is hard, but that’s what we’re here for. As Ben says in family prayer, “Thank you for the trials that are put before us and the help you give us to make it through them.”

He’s a smart lad. Cause I said so.


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