Trust in stinks


Sometimes I stop and think about life and realize how very lucky I’ve been. True, I have had my fair share of crappiness, but over all my life has been pretty peachy. I can’t really complain about much.

Being in the single world, way too long, I have heard many stories. Men cheating, women cheating, porn, neglect, abuse….you name it and I’ve probably heard about it. It’s amazing any marriage ever lasts. People are basically selfish beings that look out for themselves first.

Brad was an exceptional husband in many ways. I never had to go to work after we had kids. I could always rely on him being logical when I was overly emotional. He never forgot an anniversary (although I did, several times…). And when it came to other women, there was never, ever, a problem.

I remember knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I could trust him. He went on business trips, worked away from home, and even worked in a different city for a year and a half, and I never worried. You may think I was naive or blind, but I had good reason not to worry.

Brad went out of his way to be transparent and honest at all times. He didn’t hide things from me and he never did anything that would have made me question his convictions or beliefs.

I look at the world of Facebook now and wonder if people realize the images they are creating of themselves. I remember when Brad hit 100 friends on Facebook. He was amazed that he had that many friends. FB was still fairly new, and if you had a ‘friend’ on there, it was someone you actually knew. Now, we are ‘friends’ with people who may not even be real for all we know. I can safely say that if Brad were still alive, I would not cringe at the posts he would be putting up. I would not be embarrassed at his comments. I would not have to ask him to take down anything because it was inappropriate.

I guess having been married to someone that trustworthy has made me set some really  high standards for relationships. I’ve dated some really great guys; awesome personalities, jobs, handyman skills, etc., but few I could say were completely trustworthy. Am I hunting for the male version of the ‘unicorn’? Is there such a thing as a man who cares enough about his own image and the reflection it casts on the woman/family in his life that he filters his thoughts and actions? Is it reasonable to expect someone to be a grownup and be able to laugh at things that go by but not take them and pass them along? Does that even make sense to anyone outside my head?

I shall continue to hold on to the belief that there is someone out there who doesn’t lie to get out of traffic tickets, who returns the gum to the store when they realize they weren’t charged, who realizes that posting pictures of really great dancing actually makes them look like a creep. I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies…I do….

Cause I said so.

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One thought on “Trust in stinks

  1. I love your post. Trustworthy people are so hard to come by. I dislike people who betray trust; who cannot be relied on. It is a blessing to have someone like Brad; and that you have such an appreciative attitude is so pleasing to me. A lot of people do not have this gift of appreciation.

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