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My neck is in a knot. Not like a noose or anything. This isn’t a physical cry for help as I hang from something, I’m talking about a muscle knot that will no go away.

I’ve had said knot for about three months now. It starts at the base of my neck and goes up into my head on the right side. Before you ask, yes I bought a new pillow. I even went to see my favorite chiropractor a few times. His diagnosis? I have a knot in my neck. Very helpful.

I thought my pain might be from my total lack of upper body muscle. When I sleep, I lie on my side and everything kind of smooshes together, down into my bed. Made sense…but no. I tried sleeping on the other side and it made no difference. Except for the crazy dreams…I can’t go right. I thought maybe I was sleeping too much. LOL! yeah, right.

I tried lifting weights. Baby ones that were only 2.5 pounds each. That gave me a different kind of pain. I tried push ups; that made me depressed (cause I’m a wimp). I tried heat, rubbing creams, massages, marathons of Big Bang. Nothing has helped.

My energy expert tells me it is most likely emotional; I’m holding something in that needs to get out. I tried some digestive tea. Didn’t help.  More specifically, the neck area is supposed to be where we hold in stubborn feelings, refusal to forgive others, ‘stiffneckedness’, etc.  She told me to use my writing to discover what I’m holding onto that should be let go.

I really don’t have a clue. I thought maybe I should stop holding on to being single…but no body wanted to marry me. I thought about kicking all my kids out of the house, but I only have a few left. I thought maybe it was my car, so I bought a new one. I don’t have any vices or bad habits that I can think of, other than rubbing my neck in public, but…that’s a new one.

Maybe I should try shock therapy. There is something really appealing about the idea of being electrocuted. Maybe it’s because it would take my mind off the pain in my neck and replace it with complete body pain. Of course, I could just go to the gym and get that kind of pain…cause I said so.

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