Book review: Rift Watcher

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There isn’t much cooler than reading a book that was actually written by someone you know. The only thing better than that would be reading a great book by someone you know. This is what I did.

My good friend C.R. Simper wrote a fantastic book! I read it because, I’m a good friend and I wanted to support her in the very scary business of baring your soul for the world to trample on AKA publishing a book.

Rift Watcher is a Sci-Fi story of a girl named Onnie, who goes with her brother Jayesh to Rift Watcher Station where their father is in command. A series of events leads her to befriend the less than friendly new doctor on the station who has quite a few secrets.

Simper creates a vivid world in space without going overboard on the geekiness that can easily happen with Sci-Fi. The story is believable, engaging, and pretty snarky in spots. I may have started the book to support my friend, but I finished it because I fell in love with the characters and story.

This book is a great read for adults, YA, and even middle grade in my opinion. This is the first in a series that includes…three?? Enough is solved in book one to keep you from throwing the book across the room but there is enough left unsolved to make waiting for book two (Sept release) just a little hard.

Rift Watcher can be found here on Amazon.


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