Eye lashing

water dreams

What do you do when you have a free moment? I find a way to fill it. No sitting around bored for me, it just isn’t in my nature.

Some might say I am running from something, I prefer to think of it as running toward something. Something better, smarter, more accomplished….a better me.

I went many a year being a stay at home mom. I do not regret a moment of it. I loved being home and taking care of my family. There wasn’t a day I remember wishing I was out in the work force doing …. something for money. I got a rush from a clean kitchen, vacuum lines, and freshly baked bread. I loved being able to volunteer at the kids’ schools, attend community mom meetings and events, and do yoga at the gym at 10 in the morning. Good times I cherish.

My life has changed in many ways. By 10 am, I am deep into my day of forming the minds of fifth graders. I walk, stand, bend, stretch, and see very little muscle growth for it. I talk nonstop, answer questions, ask questions, and dig deeper. I look beyond and see beneath and hope for miracles. When I finally reach home again with my kids, I’m ready for an after school snack and a nap. I cook dinners some days, do laundry occasionally, and pay my kids to sweep and vacuum. It’s a different life.

Do I wish I was back in my warm, bread making yoga days? I really don’t. I loved those days and I cherish them in my memory, but if I’ve learned anything in my many lives, it’s to enjoy the here and now.

After listening to a talk by President Hinckley on his top ten, I decided it was time for another top ten list here. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath anyway….breathe easy! It is here:

My top ten list for enjoying today:

  1. The mistakes I made yesterday are done.
  2. I have one more day of experience under my belt
  3. I didn’t kill anyone ( I plan to always have this be true….if you were wondering)
  4. I learned something today (You can’t trust email)
  5. There was something to laugh about today (even if it was just ME)
  6. I brightened someone’s day with a smile (or totally confused that guy in the truck…)
  7. I have all my limbs, and they work! ( regardless of last night’s dream)
  8. I didn’t cure cancer, but I also didn’t find it in my body
  9. The sky is a wonderful masterpiece I can’t get enough of
  10. I live with the most amazing people on the planet…and they are related to me!

I may wake up stiff and groggy, but I get out of bed and smile. It takes way too much energy wishing today away…I need that energy to keep me awake past 10pm when I finally get time to do homework.

Enjoy today!

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: the-meeg.deviantart.com

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