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I got to experience my grand son’s first ‘big boy movie’ at the theater today. He is the cutest thing around! He has watched plenty of movies at home, but this was his first real, sit down, eat popcorn, lights out, full screen experience. We had been waiting for him to get old enough to hopefully sit still long enough for a movie. He did it.

It was so cute to see him leaning forward, drinking in every bit of the experience. It was so BIG and new for him. He laughed at all the funny parts and didn’t decide to get out of his chair and into my lap (darn…LOL) until the last few minutes of the movie.

As I sat there watching him watch the movie, I realized how spoiled I am.  I don’t mean spoiled in the “I have everything I want” meaning of the word, I’m thinking more of the rotten fruit kind of spoiled. I’ve seen so much, experienced the world, been around the block…I take it all for granted. Here was this little guy, just amazed at a big bright moving picture on a wall. I admit, I felt a little jealous at his look of wonder.

I had to mentally step back and ask myself, what would amaze me? I see beauty all around me, every day. I am awed by the sunset way too often for my kids’ taste. I love to see the sun glance off the water in my pool. Bubbles make me happy. But amazed? Where do I see that?

Then I remembered. Just this weekend, I got a new toy. It’s a tablet that lets me ‘draw’ on my computer screen. I got it for a school project and it really isn’t what I need. But, instead of sending it back, I brought the kids in one by one and let them ‘play’ with it. My kids amaze me. There it is. I can’t believe how talented and just….WOW they are. My daughter took a few minutes to poke around on the device and the next thing I knew she had drawn a dog that looked like it could jump off the screen and pee on my floor. How does she do that? My son came and drew an incredible view of an eyeball in space that was attracting demon ships. The drawing was a little rough, but the story behind it? WOW

I guess when I really think about it, I am still amazed pretty frequently. The world is moving at a breakneck speed and it’s easy to get lost in the exhaust fumes if we aren’t careful. Instead of going out and looking for amazement, the trick just might be to close the doors, slow down, and just see where you are. It’s pretty amazing….cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.brainblogger.com

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