Night crawlers


My son never remembers his dreams. He is convinced he doesn’t dream at all. That is sad to me. I love getting lost in a good dream and not wanting to wake up. Of course, I usually don’t want to wake up, but a good dream makes it even more appealing.

I can tell we are getting close to back to school time. My dreams have started to contain a similar theme. Any teacher will understand. The dreams focus on our hopes and expectations of the coming year, as well as our darkest fears.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that my teaching buddy who moved schools at the end of the year had returned. She burst onto campus in a flowing yellow dress and crocheted shawl that touched the floor. She was all business. She didn’t seem concerned that my expected 30 fifth graders had turned into 40 8th graders with attitude. I was a victim of moving desks and flying paper. It wasn’t pretty.

Last night was even better. I got to school on time, but there was quite a bit of a hustle going on. The place where my private office had been was not full of four desks, one of them filled with a teacher who went topless til class. I was informed that my class had been moved and I was in the broom closet for my office, along with three other teachers. My office was cramped, but had a full crib. Yay? My bedroom, yes….bedroom, was the biggest one on campus and everyone looked at me with envy and possibly hatred. When I finally made it to my classroom, it was completely surrounded with windows. My desks were small and there were about 80 of them. I scrambled to put them in order, with the students that had already arrived. The best part came when two people came in hunting something. Low and behold, a ‘land crab’ was hiding behind my curtains. Being the brave teacher person I was, I let it cling to my arm and kept on teaching.

I love sleep, and I love teaching, but sometimes….I’m not so crazy about my dreams. I hope my actual class is much better than this. Although, I did like the loose dress code…..cause I said so.

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