Ankle bitter







Summer school is in full swing and I’ve decided not to slit my wrists.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I said, “Sure, I’ll teach summer school…” to my admin. How hard could it be to teach a few 3-4th graders math? I can do THAT math…. Little did I know. When it came down to the actually ‘planning’ of summer school, I was subtly informed that I was teaching math AND language arts to students in grades 5-7. Okaaay……slight change of gears, but I can DO this!

Yeah, day one was a bit of a scramble. Things didn’t take as long as I’d hoped and kids showed up early. Can you say, “Guilt free summer day care?” Trial by fire is my favorite side dish.

Day two was a bit better. I had learned the kids names, learned to count to 17, and surrendered to the evils of worksheets. As a rule, I don’t ‘do’ worksheets. I think they are busy work, a waste of paper, and so very impersonal. I decided they are also something kids are used to and will keep them busy for a few minutes while I blow my nose or get a drink of water. (NO peeing!)

Day three was actually fun. I was beginning to figure out what my students actually needed, what levels they were actually at, and who needed to sit far away from the others to avoid chaos.

Day four was a breeze. Okay, a ‘breeze’ for me. Translated loosely, I used technology, used my stern teacher voice without making anyone cry (including me), and did crafts. I can’t think of a better way to end the day than a smiling teacher, smiling kids, dripping Popsicles, and fingers glued together.

Life in room 201 is good.

Cause I said so.

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