Why why why….


It may be hard to believe, but I’m a grandma. People say I don’t look old enough and those people are immediately my best friends. I don’t feel old enough, really, but I also love having this little monkey around the house.

Having a grand baby is an interesting thing. The biggest thing it has taught me is, I was amazing about twenty years ago. At the time, I didn’t realize how amazing I was. I just did what I did. I played with the babies, answered the questions they had, read books, and took naps. Young mothers will understand what I’m talking about. You just kind of do what you have to do.

Back then, mommies didn’t meet at the gym for hours while the babes played in the kid area. We stayed home and had play groups. Play groups were a fancy name for watching a bunch of kids once a month so you could escape to do laundry alone three times a month. It was guilt free mommy time. Heaven forbid you missed your week to be the host.

My daughter is in the new breed of baby mommies.She is super fit, has girlfriend dates, and is going to school. She amazes me at all she can do. At her age, I was lucky to put on actual clothes once a week.

Being a grandma has also shown me how smart the Lord is. I can’t imagine having babies of my own at my age. That makes me sound old, but something has happened to me. I still like playing with the kids, reading books, and taking naps, but I like them in much smaller doses. Working all day uses up a lot of my patience allowance. By the time I get home, grand baby has about an hour, after my nap, of my remaining patience. As he gets deeper into the terrific twos, that hour is shrinking.

I never thought I’d be a grouchy grandma. I had a few of those myself and swore I’d be the fun, cookie making kind. Maybe the difference is that my grand baby lives with me. Maybe I’m getting an overdose? Maybe, with all my schooling, single-mom-dom, and beginning a career…I’ve turned into a different person. These could all be factors in my growing grouchy grandma attitude.

Then again, It may be that I started back at the gym this week and my body hurts. I don’t think I really like anybody at this point.Cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.ilikebeerandbabies.com

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