Bleed the fifth

bear in the rain

Never a dull moment has special meaning in a classroom. I thought my life was full of excitement being a mother to six of my own. Having twenty-nine ten and eleven-year-olds to entertain me every day is just off the charts.

Rainy day schedule is not always fun. If I have any plans to actually ‘teach’ during this kind of day, I should probably put those plans in the bottom drawer behind the chocolate, and take the chocolate out and eat it. At least I would have accomplished something. Rain is like gasoline on a campfire. It was a fun day.

One of my kiddos has a special sense of humor. He is the kid that all teachers like because he has a baby face and he’s super smart. He may also be incredibly whiny and lazy and failing due to both, but he is still one of the favorites. He actually reminds me of one of my sons…..

Today our floor was not only dirty, but mud streaked. The music was on but not able to be heard over the ‘indoor recess’ that was in full force. Apples to apples was the game of choice for those that couldn’t score a computer seat. None of these things fazed the boy. I found him lying in the middle of the floor, flat on his face. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, “look Ms. C, I’m a Calvin-skin rug!”(his name is *Calvin)

Things like this, and the daily updates from the boy who claims to be dating Taylor Swift keep me going back for more.  It’s got to be more than the constantly changing expectations, overload of work, and ‘extra projects’. It’s gotta be those silly kids….cause I said so.

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(*Name changed to protect the unknowing victim of this blog)

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