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Today was a good day. I love being with my family and having a big group at my house. I do find that I am the odd man out most times. Being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be at times. 

My #5 child turned 15 this week. He is one of the best people I know. He is trustworthy, true, and faithful. I can count on him to do the right thing almost all the time. He isn’t perfect, yet, but he makes me happy. 

Parenting can be a roller-coaster of emotions from one moment to the next. Children, like adults, have their agency and the opportunity to choose. Sometimes they make good choices and we sing their praises and sometimes they make seemingly stupid choices and we want to bang our head against the wall in frustration. 

Over my years of being a parent, I have come to understand that no matter what I do, these wonderfully unique children are going to make choices I sometimes don’t like. They are going to stress me out, frustrate me, break my heart, and make me wonder why I ever thought I could be a mother.

But sometimes, these uniquely wonderful children will do things that make me feel like all my tears and prayers and sleepless nights have been worth it. They will amaze me with their intelligence, kindness, humor, strength, and forgiveness. I look at them and see all my hopes and fears, tears and laughter, rolled up into a big beautiful tapestry and I thank my Father above for every moment with them. 

Life without children? Is that even a life? For me, it would not be. Cause I said so. 


photo credit: http://www.evolutionezine.net

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