Skin the kitty




My dear parents celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary today. It seems only yesterday they walked down the isle. They were young, innocent, and complete fools for getting married so young. By some miracle I shall call sticky mud, they have managed to stay married far longer than a lot of people. Maybe it was because they didn’t know marriages don’t last or maybe it was because they were trying to prove their parents wrong. Whatever kept them together has been a great example to the rest of us.

To celebrate this special day, we all (most) went to our favorite improve comedy place last night. If you haven’t been to Jesterz, well, you just aren’t very cool. You should rectify that promptly. (I said rectify…) The comedy is clean (in spite of the audience), funny (almost always), and at times even educational (do you know what QVC is?)  This night was no exception. The crew was on top of it. The audience gave awesome prompts (mostly my family), and the laughter was off the charts.

Although the purpose of our going to Jesterz was to celebrate our parents, what really happened was a family bonding event. My youngest sister and I went ‘stag’ because we are painfully single, but our dear brother in law was on tap with comments and compliments that made us both feel we were okay alone. Three of my children were ‘otherwise engaged’ (or getting engaged!), but their presence was felt whenever we laughed. A few other kids were too young or chose to party with their friends instead of coming, but it was okay because we didn’t have to pay for them.

The thread of our family sanity was tugged and stretched each time one of our suggestions was used on stage. We are either really funny people or people that should not be let out in public during daylight hours. Potato, potatoe…. Whether we are nuts or funny, I think the world is a better place because of us. We are a great example of people who are not only willing to laugh at others, but regularly laugh at ourselves. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t shining examples, but we are fun and pretty happy with our quirks and random weirdness. That all being said…..the question comes down to why in the heck my sister and I are still single? Cause I said so.


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One thought on “Skin the kitty

  1. Beckie, that was well said! I think you’re single because you have very good taste and wisdom. Our family IS funny and fun…you helped raise them all! It was a fun night, and a fun 46 years… Thanks for sharing most of it with us!

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