Cloud 8-3/4


Do you ever wonder if ants crawled in your ear one night at girl’s camp and built a nest and slowly took over your brain? Maybe they spent years, even decades, perfecting their plan for brain domination. Their effects may have been seen over time….time of confusion, big or small mistakes, or seemingly pointless actions.

Some may have blamed it on PMS (damn you), hormones, teen angst, post pardum depression, lack of exercise, lack of logical thinking, or even lack of sex. All of those things could have the same effects. That was part of the perfection of their plan. They masked it with things women (or possibly special men) already deal with.

But one day, you may have woken up and realized….you don’t know what the frick you are doing. Why did you make THAT choice? Why did you cuss out THAT friend? Why did you eat THAT pie? The choices, actions, words, and waist size really have no logical explanation other than the one I started with.

Girl’s camp. Sleeping outside… was the perfect set up. It was the prime opportunity for a subtle, yet hostile take over.

What do they want? It’s a good questions. Could it be food? Power? The ability to move around the earth at a size millions their own? I really don’t know. I haven’t been able to mind meld with the leader yet. She/He is staying just out of mindsight for me to connect with.

If it disturbs you to think about a colony of angry, yet sly, ants living in your head, influencing your choices and actions and very life….think about the alternative. YOU (I) are actually responsible for the stupid things you do. Hmmm….Yeah, I think I’ll go feed the ants…..cause I said so.


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