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Well, we didn’t go to Cali today. It’s not a surprise, really, we often change our plans. We decided Sunday that we would pack up and pop over to Cali today, hit Magic Mountain tomorrow, and then drive home tomorrow night. It all sounded very logical and doable at the time. What we forgot about was “New Year’s Eve Hangover.” Now, before you judge me, let me make it clear that I do not partake of alcoholic beverages. The hardest drink I had last night was a tiny sip of some sparkling apple cider. Carbination is not my friend, and I like to be in control way too much to dabble with the alcohol.

The hangover I am talking about is the one you get when you don’t sleep enough. Truth be told, if that was a legitimate form of ‘intoxication’, I would be walking around illegal most days. I didn’t stay out super late, or stay up after I got home for very long, but I still didn’t get enough sleep to warrant driving for six hours across the dry, flat desert of Arizona/California.

We changed plans. Surprisingly enough, not one of my kids batted an eyelash at the plan change. In fact, they were all rather relieved to not be doing a crazy turnaround trip cross the border (state border). We will be doing a local activity tomorrow instead. I kind of wish it was hiking, but my kids don’t LOVE hiking. In fact, they stated that the Grand Canyon was “boring.” Umm….totally not. Okay, maybe standing there looking at it like it’s a hole in the ground is, or could be considered, boring, but hiking the canyon is anything but boring. I mean, there is excitement at almost every step! I never know when I may trip and fall or see a tarantula or be attacked by some flying bug or a half grown human that was lost there years ago and has since been raised by squirrels. It is almost too excitement to handle!

Instead of enjoying the wonders of the outdoor world, we will be inside a park riding rides, playing games, eating some of the best junk food ever, and spending our inheritance. It’s cool, I mean, I’m a big time teacher now. Gonna be making the big bucks! Oh yea….

Regardless of all things unimportant in this post, I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Don’t dwell on those stupid resolutions, stick to the tried and true method of setting goals when you want to do something and working for it. The whole resolution thing is lost on me. I don’t get how all these people who just spent a week or more binging on food, sweets, and strong drink, think they are in any way in their right mind to suddenly change their lives. Whatever. Live your life, make changes daily, weekly, or whenever you want to. For me, I celebrate the new year by buying a new calendar.  Cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.wallpapervortex.com

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