I have never been one of those people that looks to the stars for guidance. I don’t believe in horoscopes and I don’t know my sign. I do believe things happen for a reason, and sometimes we even get to find out what that reason is. But not always.

I remember when I met my husband. I had just broken up with an on and off boyfriend of three years. I was crushed when he moved on and wrote long, pathetic entries in my journal about how ‘over’ my life was. Two days later, my room mate talked me into going dancing. I met Brad and we were together for the next twenty years. My heart break opened the path to happiness for me. It has happened more than once. I can’t help but think about the scriptures that talk about the importance of having a broken heart and contrite spirit. I always thought that meant humility, and it probably does, but maybe when we have our heart broken we are able to see a path we might not have seen when it was full. Maybe that is when and how the Lord can guide us to where He wants us. Maybe it is where we get where WE want to be. We just can’t see it.

I have made a lot of plans in my life and had a lot of plans not work out. I would venture to say that the majority of my plans have gone awry. I’ve started changing how I make plans. Instead of getting out my mental stone and chiseling my plan into it, I write my plan in the sandy beach of my mind and see what happens. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about goals. Life without goals is a winding path to nowhere. But, goals should be flexible, alterable, and open to serendipity. I have found that the plans I have made that have gone awry tend to lead me to places that are happier in the end. Not always, and sometimes not for a very long time, but mostly my life has been a happy path.

It takes some practice and a lot of faith, but living a serendipitous life can be pretty great. I’ve learned to take a step back when road blocks pop up in my life, and to think about the blessings I have. What could the Lord be trying to teach me by this road block? Did I cause my own road block? Is there another path?

Usually, if I just relax and accept and leave my heart and mind open to divine guidance, my life changes for the better. I have had some really great changes and additions to my life lately. Things I could not have planned for or expected. My life is full. I am very blessed. I look forward to the next glitch….cause I said so.


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