don’t throw your trash in my backyard…..




Yes, I know it’s 1am and I should be in bed, but I’m just to excited! Did I win a prize? No. Did I finish my homework? Not even close. Did I lose weight? Don’t go there….

I’ve been up working on my science lesson for tomorrow. I wasn’t actually planning on doing science tomorrow, due to some technical difficulties at the school. We have a fantastic textbook, full of digital content….which we cannot use. It works great on the teacher’s computer, but all those (30) ipads we have for the kids? Nope, doesn’t work….yet. Hopefully it will work soon. I was excited to use the ipads because I thought the kids would be excited and not notice what a lame teacher I am….but now I have to actually teach. But the good news it this…I am totally digging this science! I think Brad just tuned in. Yes, I said I like science! We are only studying the water cycle, but it is really cool. Who knew…..

The excitement grows when I think about the other aspect of tomorrow’s lesson. I have to videotape this one. Yes, it’s true. I am going to be the star of my own movie tomorrow! I am really hoping the hair and make up department is open at the school tomorrow….. I can’t wait to see what ticks and weird noises I have/make when I teach. I’ve heard about these videos. People either love them and learn a lot or they run screaming from the education system, never to step in front of any sort of camera again. I’m pretty sure I will be okay with it. I have accepted the fact that I look like a chimp in all video representations of myself so, as long as this chimp doesn’t end up swinging from the rafters in the 6th grade room I think I’m okay.

Getting excited about a science lesson is a great way to take my mind of the fact that I am three weeks behind in my classes. How did this happen you ask? Two words. Fall Break. In spite of the fact that I spent 27 out of the daily recommended allowance of 24 hours a day working on school….I am still behind. I’m thinking this might be evidence of time traveling? Not helpful. I want to go back and plan better…work smarter not harder, and get my clone out of the closet to pull her weight. Seriously!

Oh well, Saturday will come regardless of what I do. I will either be done with my assignments, have lived through science class, and lost fifteen pounds, or I will ….not have. All I can do is keep on swimming….pushing ahead, looking forward, clipping along,….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..cause I said so.


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