Bathtub days



A friend on Facebook asked for a list of songs that had ‘meaning’ in them. She wanted some ideas. I had to sit and think for a minute. Songs with meaning? Um….they all have meaning, a message, a subtle undertone that the artist is trying to get across. I like to listen to music and see if I can figure out what it’s really trying to say. Some songs just throw it right out there, in obvious view, while others hide it behind clever lyrics or play on words. Then, there is the 80’s….yeah, none of it made sense. But really, I find messages and meaning in every song. Even that Honky Tonk Badonka Donk….that one’s pretty obvious…they guy has a fixation with….anyway.

I had a comment on here after my reference to a lesson I learned from Harry Potter the other day. What other lessons did I learn from HP? It made me think. There were a lot. I remember many times while I was reading, putting the book down and thinking, “yeah! Exactly!” Of course, now, they are all lost in the mud of my mind. Except for one. One lesson has surfaced lately that does apply to my life in a way. It has to do with best friends and what they do for each other or they don’t do for each other.

HP has a lot of lessons on friendship that are spot on. There were many times Harry tried to leave his friends in order to protect them. They never let him. That’s what best friends do. They look at the hell of a mess you have made of your life and listen to you as you tell them to f* off and they nod and smile and wrap their arms around you and let you cry. They don’t let you face it alone. They don’t care if they are going to be damaged because your friendship is more important than a few scratches. I wish I had friend like that…someone that would face spiders as big as VW’s with me, even tho they were terrified. Someone that would never flinch.

But then, I have to ask…have I ever been that kind of friend? I remember a person I was trying to be good friends with. She needed a friend and I wanted to be “that person.” I wanted to look beyond what everyone else saw and be there and ‘help’ her. It wasn’t that hard, she was fun and creative and a bit crazy. It went well, until a certain point. She did something I couldn’t handle. I couldn’t be around her anymore without it hurting me. I couldn’t understand how this person I called friend could do something I considered so ‘bad.’ I flinched.

Sometimes, maybe, we have to think of ourselves first, even before that ‘best’ friend. Maybe, even though we want to be there, to be ‘that person’ and never flinch….maybe we have to survive first. Maybe we have to take off the Horcux and dissaperate the heck out of there. Self preservation. Is it a bad thing? If we leave our best friend lying on the floor, crying out for us, because we just don’t know what to do. All we know is that we are going to be ripped apart if we stay….is that a bad thing?  I pray it isn’t…..oh how I pray it isn’t.

Cause I said so.


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One thought on “Bathtub days

  1. Hmmm, you are very wise. And JK Rowling is brilliant. What would Rowling write about our friendship? Of course, I do not believe that our story is over, so… We can write our own next chapter.

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