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ice cream cloud

Life is just too darn serious at times. I don’t like that. I like it when it is fun, quirky and full of laughter. When things start to get draggy with facts and regulations and dieting….I want to run away. Yes, I’m talking about school again. I am so sick of it, I’m sure you are sick of hearing about it. The end is in sight, but the view is cloudy. I know I can do it, but it is hard when I really don’t want to. I’m at the point where my knack of BSing doesn’t cut it. That’s a drag man…. Its times like this when I wonder if I chose the right degree path.

Education is a natural fit for me. I like talking in front of people, telling people what to do, and learning. I’m just not fond of making sure I’m right all the time. In the normal world, I can tell you how it is or make up a pretty good story about how I think it should be. Not so with the water cycle and movement in the ocean. As much as I’d like to just tell the kids its all magic, I have to give them the correct facts. Its all because of the Kracken and Posiedon, right?

I took a break today and took my son for a much needed hair cut (it took four minutes…buzzzzz) and an ice cream stop. I don’t actually eat ice cream because it causes me severe pain, but I splurged. Maybe it was a subconscious ploy to get me sick so I couldn’t work anymore? Possibly, but it didn’t work. It knocked me out for a short power nap, but then I was back in the saddle.

As much as I hate the current project I am being FORCED to do for my degree, I am actually learning how to break things down and use detail. This has not been my strong point. Just the facts mam….keep moving…nothing to see here…. That’s how I usually roll. This could be why certain people in my life have misunderstood me in the past. Not enough detail. Then again, they were men and everyone knows men are REQUIRED to read women’s minds. Seriously!

Fall break is fast approaching it’s end. I wish that meant I could start wearing at least on of the six(8) pairs of boots I have, but alas, it is not cold. I did rebel against my utility bill and opened my window so I could hear my wind chimes dance. It is a windy day here in sunny Arizona…gotta love that. Until the cold weather arrives, I will continue to dream of days without school, nights without sweat (the bad kind), and ice cream sandwiches that don’t make me gain weight. It’s a beautiful world….when seen through my dreams…..cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://www.colorfully.eu

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