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I finally got to watch The Host tonight with my kids. I bought it months ago and just didn’t have a chance. I watched about 4 minutes of it when the kids watched it a month ago, but it was so out of context I had to leave the room. It isn’t one of those movies you can just watch part of. I read the book, years ago, but I still needed to have the full story. It was pretty good. It made me all sentimental and teary eyed and all those pathetically dramatic words. bah humbug. Messes with my mind.

I found myself thinking back on my own life and choices and such and now I’m in a funky mood. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I do know that I wish I was seeing my shrink tomorrow cuz I have a feeling I would unload buckets full of verbal vomit on her shiny red couch. By the time I do go, in a week, my mind will have reabsorbed the brunt of it all and I won’t remember why I wished I was on her “call at midnight” list. Does she have one of those? She should…I would totally use it. It could be a 900 number even. I’d pay.

That reminds me of a very bad idea I had a while ago. I don’t think I shared it her, but if I did, just stop reading and go back to your totally addictive Pinterest surfing. (you know you want to…) I had this idea to have a 900 number to call and vent your feelings on. It would have been a total liability and caused suicide and mass murders across the globe so, I didn’t pursue it, but still, having someone to vent to in the middle of the night that wouldn’t remember you called or care what you said the next day is very appealing.

My shrink says I should write a journal that isn’t public . . . I guess that would be a good idea…except then I couldn’t absorb all the virtual love from the virtual words of affirmation I get from you all when you don’t really respond or post comments. I know you think them and I feel that and it is just to stinkin hard to leave a comment on here so, you’re okay. Virtually.  She is probably right though. It would be good to vomit on my keyboard and not have to worry that so and so is reading this and thinking it is all about them. Cause it probably isn’t.

On another note, the guy in the movie tonight that was also in Percy Jackson as Luke…you all know he is the next Kevin Bacon, right? I mean, he basically oozes bacon-ness. It is sad really, cuz he seems okay, but I hate Kevin Bacon. I don’t know why, but I always have. He creeps me out.

So, on to the rest of your day, or night, or what have you. I’ve been sick all weekend and I’m finally feeling better. It amazes me how I can sleep for about 30 hours and still feel like I want to go to bed. Talk about addicting….now I just need someone to snuggle. Or a big pillow. Or my cat…but he snores and dances on me when I finally fall asleep. Not much of a snuggler…..

Sweet dreams world, I hope you don’t all wake up with glowing centipedes burrowing into the back of your skulls….cause I said so.

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3 thoughts on “game set love

  1. Well, I don’t remember if you discussed the 900 number before, but I can see some real use for it. Many of us simply have no one to really talk to with that peaceful anonymity. Sometimes I wish I could just open my mouth over the commode, and my words and the negative feelings accompanying them would poof out like a bit of onion paper, and burst into flames on the way down…rather like a howler on Harry Potter…but with only only a gentle >poof!<. The 900 number is a good idea in theory, but since everything can be hacked, and blackmail what it is today, perhaps we'd better just let that one go, and simply fill our mouths with chocolate covered caramels, and mumble our emotions as we mastigate. Hope you're 100% healed immediately, so you can move on and have fun for your break. You do deserve a break today!

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