For a safe time….


I guess it had to come to this eventually. I’ve begun working the corner. I never thought I would have to stoop this low. It’s hard to take at times. I see all the other girls, working at way more rewarding positions where they don’t have to put themselves out there so much. Sigh. I envy them.

It gets dirty out there. You never know where your going to be wanted next. I have my limits, I can only do so much. There are those that come by and look at me wistfully, but I can’t go there. Its too far.

I’ve been told the secret is in the shoes. They can make you or break you out there at the corner. I’m hesitating….I’m only out there for a short while before I get to go inside. I think I can make it. Besides…fashion isn’t everything. One must think function. There is a lot of walking involved.

This is what I get for opening my big mouth. I’m sent far away….down the street…to the corner with uneven sidewalks.

It’s dirty out here.

My feet are starting to hurt.

I’m getting sunburned.

But someone has to help those kids cross the street….cause I said so.

7 thoughts on “For a safe time….

  1. LOL…I like this. You’re always wanted…there may even be some posters out there…Those kids are sooo lucky to be protected by you!

  2. When I was in school the 6th Graders got to be the crossing guards. I though it terrified me at first LOVED that job. Have fun getting to know the munchkins and seeing them safely on their way.

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