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Its been an exciting first week back to school. It still amazes me how much things stay the same yet change drastically at the same time. This week alone, we have had our janitor (who was awesome!) be stolen away to the high school, our principal (director) moved up to corporate, and our schedule changed three times. It’s all good, I mean, we are all there to ‘learn,’ right? Oh yeah, that’s the kids that are supposed to be learning. I guess it is like pink eye…very contagious. No, we don’t have pink eye…..yet…..

It was a bit disconcerting to walk into the first lunch of the year and realize I didn’t know every kindergarten students name. All my kindergarteners are now first graders. That is so weird! The sad thing is that I am not in any kinder classrooms so, I can’t memorize their names as fast. I’m feeling a bit picked on by not letting me play with the little guys. (insert pouty face here) That is why I was first to volunteer to do the kinder testing. Now, you might remember a bit of humor or possibly complaining about these same kinder tests, but I can’t help it. The kids are hysterical.

Kindergarten students are a bit like hyena sponges. They run around crazy, making no sense half the time, but they memorize every word you say. Like it or not. On the first day of school, I helped out at the afterschool ‘enrichment program.’ Little Ethan had his head buried in his backpack most of the time. His parents must be under the impression that he needs to eat more than a full grown football player. They pack this kids lunch so full there is no way he can eat it all. But he tries. As I watched him pull more and more food out of his bag, I asked him what else could be in his ‘bag of wonders.’ Something said in passing has now become his answer to most any question he is asked. “My bag of wonders!” You are welcome.

I do a lot at school besides teach kinder students quirky comebacks. I have also been promoted to the position of carcass removal. I guess when our last director announced she wanted our school to be a center for the community, the desert animals thought they were included. This morning I cleaned up half a bunny (jackrabbit) and half a desert squirrel. Thankfully, they were both bottom halves so I didn’t have any sad eyes looking at me as I swept them into the dust pan. But it was still sad.

I have to wonder why this happened. I know that I am influenced by what I read. If I read a tragedy, I get sad in my day. If I am reading a comedy, I am happier. Etc. Lately, I have been reading the book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” By Jenny Lawsom. The book is her memoirs and includes several stories about her father’s (and later her…spoiler!) obsession with dead animals. I’ve never seen dead animals on the playground before, so I wonder if they are my fault? Is the book I am reading affecting the world and people around me? That is kind of a scarey thought. One that makes me think I really need to choose my books carefully.

I’m thinking I will read the Polar Express tonight. If I’m lucky, it will start snowing and gifts will appear under my tree in the front yard. I’d been glad to just have the temperature drop below 95 for a few days. Cause I said so.


Photo credit is missing because Google won’t play nice today.

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