leg o lamb



Today officially marks the end of my summer. Yes, it’s back to work/school for me. I’m not sure where the summer went. I’m thinking bandits stole it, cuz bandits are jerks and just do that sort of thing. I’m shaking my fists at you bandits! Take that!

It’s a bitter sweet thing really, going back to work/school. My ‘hypothetical’ job. I love the kids there, but not as much as the ones I’m leaving at home. Due to another bandit sabotoge, my two remaining school age children don’t start school for another two weeks. This, my friends, is what is referred to as a recipe for ‘trouble.’ Thank goodness I have a semi-clone living at my house right now that can attempt to keep an eye on them. Of course, they may just sleep all day and not notice I am gone until my return. I’m pretty sure they are working on their auditions for an upcoming vampire gang and have taken to not rising until I’m ready for bed. It’s gonna make back to school hell for them.

Perks of going back to work/school are thus. I get paid, I get to make kids smiles (and sometimes cry, but let’s not dwell on that), I get paid, and …what was that other things…dang it. It’ll come to me.

Drawbacks to going back to work/school are thus. I am not here to chaperone my overly creative teenagers, I have to wear real clothes AND SHOES, I can’t take three naps, I can’t clean my house. Although technically…that may be on the perk list….

I do love my job/school. We are getting a new principal, so that is a bit ominous, but hopefully they will be super cool and let me do what I want like the last one. She was amazing and empowering and occasionally laughed at my jokes.

This year, most of my day will be spent with the sixth grade. Not my first choice, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I love those kids. They are super great! They are just smarter than I am and I feel like a village idiot. It make the idea of student teaching in there a bit daunting. I have been told, unofficially, by a few students in the class that as long as I bring candy…all will be well. This sounds a tiny bit like paying for protection from a mafia I think. But, who am I to argue? Cause I said so.


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One thought on “leg o lamb

  1. I like the way you think…you can always find the positive aspects of any situation. Those sixth graders are pretty smart…and very lucky to have you.
    Hope your first day is wonderful!

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