simply irretreevabull


Another semester has come and gone. This was my hardest one yet. Somewhere deep down inside, I am either a masochist or a complete loon. I set out to pass 13 credits in 8 weeks. I’ve done 12, so….what’s one more? They told me it was too much but, heck, not for me!

It was too much. I am so burned out I see sun spots when I blink. I survived, but only by the skin of my teeth. (that really sounds sick actually) I didn’t do everything, and I didn’t do great, but I did what I could and I got out of there!

I actually really enjoy school, up to a point. I like socializing, learning, getting positive feedback…..all the good stuff. What I hate is deadlines that come WAY to fast, papers that are on stupid topics (example…let’s write the same paper from three different angles…can you say ‘busy work?’), and not having enough time in the day to get everything done and pee. I swear my kids don’t remember I even live here at this point.

The good news is, I can’t do any more at this point. The semester is locked up and done. And, my next class doesn’t start til Monday morning. Of course, my new teachers are so eager beaver ready to teach me stuff they have already contacted me and given me the super ‘honor’ of starting early. Um….no thanks teacher…I’m gonna enjoy my last few hours of freedom and party up by sleeping! Cause I said so.

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