hot cross buns



I really hate it when I work at something, diligently, and then have it end up being way harder than I planned.

I have worked hard at school. I mean, I’m not like my mom….or Sheldon Cooper….when it comes to being OCD. (love you both) but, I do carry my weight pretty well. I get good grades in school and all that. I’m perfectly happy with my average ‘A’ grade. A ‘B’ grade doesn’t send me into fits of hysteria.

That being said, I don’t like it when I, an above caveman type person, is forced to deal with situations that make me feel like an idiot. If you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, I’m talking about the government. Who in the world decided we had to fill out and file fifteen forms to do anything from name our goldfish to buy a small island off Texas? Today I was personally responsible for the death of twelve paper-making trees in the rainforest. I needed copies, doubles, triples, etc of everything I did. That is of course after the copier ATE my originals and I had to BUY more. Yeah, our government has quite the scam going. It isn’t all the conspiracy theories and aliens among us and all that stuff, no, it’s driving us all insane with paperwork.

I love paper, as a craft item, or in books, but when it comes to filling out forms….I’d rather have ringworm on my nose. Okay, maybe not REALLY, but…I hate paperwork. When I was a naive teenager, I loved filling out forms and looking all important like….but that all changed when I became responsible for what I was filling out.

I am not sure how they do it, but the ‘paperwork creative fairies …or demons…” have figured out how to make even the smartest person on the planet feel like a one armed ape in a pool of honey when they are filling out a form. Insurance forms, doctors office forms, school enrollment forms, divorce papers…they are all written in that special idiot causing font. I hate them all.

The next time someone tells me to fill out a form, I am going to come back with an incredibly witty response that will render them so impressed and stunned…they will offer to not only fill out the forms FOR me, but they will give me a lollipop and foot rub when they are done. I don’t know what that witty response is, but mark my words…I’ll be lying awake til at least ten pm tonight thinking of it! Cause I said so.


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One thought on “hot cross buns

  1. Where IS Chuck Norris when you need him?
    I UNDERSTAND!!!! You SAW my office last night. GRRRRR. May I just add that standing side-by-side with igitating paper is the ever mutinous computer? I must say that I hate VISTA. It simply chews up my files, spins them around in it’s blender-like jaws of death, and randomly regurgitates them into some never-to-be-found- unless-by-accident-black-hole-pit-of-document hell. I hate it. It’s not too bad to play solitaire…if you don’t care who wins…The temptation to throw it into the street and run repeatedly over it with the car is growing. I hope I can hold off until I paste together the shreds of my last paper for my class. You and me, kid.

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