I’ve been taking a vitamin that gives me good dreams. That isn’t the ‘purpose’ of the vitamin, but rather a ‘side-effect’ of the vitamin. It is supposed to rid my body of free radicals, make me sleep better, stay awake better, and basically turn me back into a twenty-one year old. I’m hoping it delivers, although I’m not sure I really want to be a twenty-one year old again in all ways. Physically…maybe. Mentally…..maybe. Experience and wisdom….no way. I was pretty clueless back then. Thank goodness I married a really good man that helped me go in a good direction or I may have ended up in a trailer park wearing pink curlers to WalMart. Not that I have anything against the ‘people of WalMart’…I mean, we all need comic relief. I am personally very grateful for those people that wear the things I just don’t have the balls to wear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to put on my shiny silver space suit and go pick up some carrots at the grocer. I just always seem to lose my nerve before I get out the door. Maybe some day….

Last night my dream wasn’t that outrageous, it just turned out to be rather ironic. I dreamt I went to work at my school and the assistant director (aka vice principal) came up to me all a dither and told me they needed me to be the third grade teacher. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t yet certified, they just needed me now! I was a bit shaken…but went into the classroom. This is a class I have been in almost every day for the entire school year. Good kids that like me. 😉 In my dream, they had turned into wet gremlins that wanted nothing more than to throw stuff around, run around, scream, and cause general mayhem. I was in a panic. I may have woken up in a cold sweat, but that’s pretty normal these days in the desert winter.

The ironic part was when I got to school and the same assistant director grabbed me and told me they needed me to cover a kindergarten class for a while. No biggie except…this was the one kindergarten class (out of four) that I had spent 0 time in. Yay me! No worries,….I fetched the kids from the playground, brought them in, and proceeded to do my thing…with only minimal panicking.It was fine and only lasted about twenty-five minutes.

A lot can happen in dreams and that is fine. Sometimes my dreams prepare me for upcoming events and sometimes they terrify me. Lucky for me I know the difference between real and fantasy, dreams and awake time. I don’t usually dream when I’m awake so, I feel pretty safe in my dream world.

That being said, I wonder if I should worry about the dream I had this after noon while I was napping in the break room. I dreamt a short man in green overalls came to my door to deliver a pool. It was a blow up pool that solidified into a real pool after you put it in the ground. The only problem was…it was always filled with green jello. I don’t have a problem with that, but if someone comes over with baloney strips….I’m moving out. Cause I said so.


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5 thoughts on “Jebloney

  1. I think dreams do help us processes stuff. Don’t worry though, sometimes the ones that you think are bad, are good and vice versa. Did you know that being cold can make you have bad dreams? yep. So enjoy the good ones forget the bad ones, and pray for a dirty one. 😉

  2. I love this post. You have to acknowledge how good you are at being a minute man! You’re the person I’d call! Pay no attention to the little man…he’s a slippery elf, and will melt away…

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