end of the lime



I think I need to get a new chair. My office chair is big, nice, black, rolly, and all the things an office chair is supposed to be…except comfortable. I mean, it is fine for short stints and mini events, but when I have to sit on it for hours on end (mine) doing homework…..the comfort is just not there. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t help sitting like a pretzel, but seriously, didn’t the chair designers know that nobody would actually sit up straight in their chairs? Plan ahead I say!

Homework is literally becoming a pain in the butt. I wish that when the universities decided to redo their websites and make them uber hip they would ask the students what they want. I know, crazy idea! But seriously, I can’t find anything the way I think it should be found. User friendly! I am the user….be friendly and do everything my way. I don’t see a problem with this.

My classes are really interesting, in spite of the fact that I read only the bare minimum of the text books to not sound like an idiot ( I hope) on my homework. There are just so many WORDS! I really believe they could say things so much quicker if they didn’t get paid by the word. They must, as there is more filler in these books than in WalMart ground beef. 100% pure beef…..whatever!

I had to read an article about child rearing in New Guinea for my math class. Yes, you read that right. Math class. Our assignment, should we choose to accept it and get a grade for it, was to tell how the article applied to math. It wasn’t hard for people that actually knew how to read and think for themselves. The fun part was seeing the difference between how people in New Guinea raised their kids compared to the people in the “west.” I can only assume America is the West. They are just being nice.

Over in NG, kids are just basically set free. They treat their entire villages as family and roam around getting food and help from anyone they meet. They are way more socially functional than the kids we coddle and protect over here in the west. (insert drawl here) Over there, kids are free to burn their hands on the fire, play (chew) on sharp knives, and move in with different people if they decide they don’t like mom and dad. What kid wouldn’t want that? I mean, the lost fingers and lasting burn marks are a small price to pay for ultimate housing freedom. I think the NG-ers are really onto something here. What the heck have I been wasting my time protecting my kids for when the answer is to do nothing more than get knocked up, pop out a kid and go back to doing my thang? Seriously?

I am a bit skeptical though, I’m not sure the NG children are able to get jobs at Apple or Microsoft…something about wearing pants and having all their fingers. Some people are so picky…..cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2×4820586/woman_sliding_with_office_chair_rg7-1128.jpg

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