Forest Grump


I don’t mean to offend the general public, but I am not fond of the movie Forest Gump. I know, everyone I have ever talked to IN MY LIFE thinks it is the epic awesome film of all time. Not me. I think it is dumb and I hate hearing Tom Hanks sounds like a dimwit. I mean, I really like Tom Hanks as an actor. I can’t say I like him as a person because I’m convinced that everyone that works in Hollywood is a certifiable raving lunatic. So, take it as I can give it Tom. Nothing personal there…..

The other film I don’t love with Tom is the Castaway. Seriously….talk about stupid endings. I wanted to smack someone. It was endearing and all to see him make friends with a Volley Ball…(?) but then to leave us all with the question of ‘what the heck happens now?’ was just irritating.

Speaking of irritating, I really don’t enjoy having a head cold. As I was starting to come down with this particular one earlier today, the thought crossed my mind that I would be able to bundle myself up in my room and write the day away while I ‘healed’ or got over my cold. My kids would be quiet and respectful and the cleaning fairies would come and clean for me. The house would magically be filled with the heartwarming smells of baking bread and Hansel and Gretel would knock on the front door….wait….wrong story. Anyway, I thought I would be able to ‘use’ my sick time to accomplish something. The thing I forgot is that when I have a head cold, I can’t think straight, I get grumpy, and my creativity turns into something a bit more sarcastic than the normal reader can really stomach.

I guess I’m doomed to suffer through this blankety blank blank cold with only my Nook, laptop(netflix) and word games to keep me company. Oh, and my cat. He has decided that since I am too sick to snuggle the baby, he is going to bulk up on his love time. I am covered with hair and frankly  not sure if my nose is stuffy from the cold or cat dander at this point.

Regardless, I still have a hankering for chocolate covered strawberries. The sad this is….if some were to magically appear on my doorstep..I probably would not be able to taste them. Something about having your nose be invaded by swarms of alien micro-amebia-germs really kills a person’s sense of taste/smell. Guess I’ll have to just wait to satisfy my sweet tooth….til I’m well. Cause I said so.

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